UnSaid Fate

unsaid2UnSaid Fate is an American hard rock band from Cleveland, OH, fronted by Jackie LaPonza … wait, what? Cleveland, Ohio? Hey, that’s where I live! unsaid2-JackieA few weeks ago, I watched the video for the band’s single, “Our Addiction,” and I was hooked. Why? Because UnSaid Fate sounds like Halestorm! Well, they don’t sound exactly like Halestorm, but fans of that band, like me, will definitely love this band, like me. In Revolver magazine, LaPonza described her band’s sound as “active rock with heavy rock riffs, big melodic choruses with harmonies and a bottom-end that doesn’t quit!” Speaking of Revolver magazine, in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue, Jackie LaPonza was voted #25 on The 25 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock list by the magazine’s staff. Jackie LaPonza, like Lzzy Hale, is a hot rock chick, but Laponza, like Hale, also has the talent to back up her looks.

jackie2005UnSaid Fate was previously known as Jackie, and they self-released two albums under that name. The first, “Jackie” (2005), was good, filled with cool melodic rock that sounded like a harder rocking Pat Benatar, but “Almost Broken” (2009) was even better, with a sound that demanded major label production. jackie2009The opening track, “Falling Down,” is killer, as are the power ballad “More Than This,” the catchy rocker “Faithful,” and the music industry kiss off “Muzik Gods.” Their first single as UnSaid Fate, “Our Addiction,” from their upcoming debut EP, “Never Turning Back,” is a little heavier than Jackie, and it’s a cool track that gets me excited for the debut EP, and the inevitable full-length. Watch the video here:

Website: UnSaid Fate (official) Facebook

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