Fake Number

FakeNumber-01AFake Number is a female-fronted alternative pop/rock band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2006. The members, currently, are Elektra (vocals), Pinguim (guitar), and André Mattera (drums). Yes, Elektra sings in Portuguese, which is exactly like Spanish,FakeNumber-07 only completely different. What? I can’t speak either language, but it doesn’t really matter because Elektra has an amazing voice regardless of what language she sings in. But, luckily, Portuguese, like Spanish, sounds cool in rock music. Now, I immersed myself in the Brazilian rock scene back in 2012, and I discovered a lot of cool, mostly female, artists. But I fell into full-on obsession, for a while, with Fake Number and, especially, with singer Elektra. Her dark hair and lip ring make her irresistable. Now, this full-on obsession thing happens to me, now and then.FakeNumber-03 The effects are temporary, but the end results are usually new additions to my list of favorite bands. This band, obviously, made the list. Some don’t.

Elektra worships the band Paramore. And, Hayley Williams, Paramore‘s lead singer, likes Fake Number, too. Fake Number has opened for Paramore in Brazil, much to Elektra’s joy, and I’ve even seen pictures of Hayley sporting a Fake Number t-shirt. But, as much as Elektra wants her band to sound like Hayley’s band, they don’t. Well, not much, anyway. Fake Number has their own sound, and I prefer them over Paramore.

FakeNumber-04Fake Number‘s debut, Cinco Faces de um Segredo (2007), translates as “Five Faces of a Secret” and refers to the five members of the band, at the time. Now, they’re a foursome. This album is filled with plenty of punky pop/rock whose melodies will drive you insane! “Segredos Que Guardei,” “Aquela Música,” and “Platônico” are all great tracks but were re-recorded for the next release, and sound even better.FakeNumber-05 So, without those three songs, let’s go with “Idéias Falsas,” “Como se Você Estivesse Aqui,” and the awesome ballad “A Cada Dia” as my favorites.

Fake Number (2010), which translates as “Fake Number,” offered more punky yet melodic pop/rock. Of course, this album had the three re-worked tracks from the last album, all amazing, as well as ten more new songs, all amazing, too. The very emo-ish “Você Vai Lembrar,” “Quando Chegar,” “O Tempo,” and the passionate ballad “4 Mil Horas” are my favorites of the new tracks. Fake Number sure can write addictice melodies, which is cool since I don’t speak Portuguese!

Watch the video for “4 Mil Horas” here:

Fake Number released two singles, “Primeira Lembrança,” in 2011, and “Contra o Tempo,” in 2012, from an upcoming album. The former is the band’s most wonderfully addictive track to date! And, the video is awesome, too! Elektra duets with two sides of herself: the rock side, in black with (fake) tattoos, and the pop side, in a white hoodie. She’s adorable in both. I love the dark Elektra’s smirks! Then, in the end, dark and light Elektra merge into the real Elektra in a varisity jacket. Cool video, great song!

Watch the video for “Primeira Lembrança” here:

Finally, after much anticipation, Fake Number released their third album, Contra o Tempo, in 2012, named after the second single, whose title translates as “Against Time.” This album included the two previously released singles, plus seven more new songs. Need I say they’re all amazing? No, but I will. They’re all amazing! I can’t pick a favorite on this album, other than “Primeira Lembrança.” I always listen to this album from the first track to the last. No, wait, I think “Não Volto Mais” is my favorite!

Watch the video for “Outro Mundo” here:

So, my obsession with Fake Number led me to find a number of really cool unofficially released B-sides. I’ll mention three of them. “Hora de Parar” is an amazing live acoustic cut that showcases Electra’s wonderful pipes and the band’s catchy hooks. “Best of You” is a live acoustic cover of the Foo Fighters‘ song, which Elektra sings in English with nary an accent to be heard. And, finally, with reluctance, I’ll mention their cover of Rebecca Black‘s YouTube catastrophe, “Friday,” which is, again, sung entirely in English. Yes, the lyrics are silly, but Fake Number rocks it up and makes it listenable. Well, maybe it’s just me because I love this band. Whatever.

Watch the video for “Best of You” here:

FakeNumber-02FakeNumber-06Fake Number Discography
2006.00.00 – Cinco Faces de Um Segredo [Album]
2010.00.00 – Fake Number [Album]
2011.11.16 – “Primeira Lembrança” [Single]
2012.01.12 – “Contra o Tempo” [Single]
2012.07.02 – Contra o Tempo [Album]

Website: fakenumber.com.br
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BandaFakeNumber
Myspace: www.myspace.com/fakenumber

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