Dead Sara

Dead-06Dead Sara is an American hard rock band, from Los Angeles, CA, formed in 2002, by Emily Armstrong (vocals, guitar) and Siouxsie Medley (lead guitar, vocals).Dead-03B The current lineup is rounded out by Chris Null (bass, vocals) and Sean Friday (drums, vocals). Dead Sara sounds like Janis Joplin fronting Led Zeppelin, and Emily Armstrong’s voice is simply amazing. She screams in perfect tune and, when she does, in nearly every song, I get chills. Armstrong cites Stevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac) as one of her influences, while Grace Slick (of Jefferson Airplane) recently said Armstrong was a female rock singer she admired. Last week, Dead Sara appeared on an episode of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries. They performed two songs, in a bar scene, including a cover of Patti Smith’s “Ask The Angels.” Now, as much as I love this band, and Armstrong’s voice, their version (though performed live and briefly heard) is not better than Brody Dalle’s version with The Distillers.

Dead-CDDead Sara‘s eponymous full-length debut (2012) is my second favorite album of 2012, behind only Halestorm‘s “The Strange Case of …” I hate buying into the next big thing, but Dead Sara‘s music demands that I do! “Whispers & Ashes,” the opening track, sets the stage, kicking out powerful riffs after the second chorus. Then, in “We Are What You Say,” Emily screams out advice that she’s been given: “Oh Oh Oh / Oh Oh Oh /
You can’t back down kid, back down kid.”
And, she doesn’t. “Weatherman,” the first single, is Rage Against the Machine-like (music, not vocals) nu metal, and was used well in a commercial for the Fiat 500 Abarth. “Dear Love,” with its pleasant melody, is a my third favorite track, but my favorites change often. “Test of My Patience” is a cool hard rocker, and “Monumental Holiday” is a fiery alt-rocker in which Dead Sara sounds like Janis Joplin fronting Nirvana, not Zeppelin.Dead-05B But, speaking of Zeppelin, the tracks “I Said You Were Lucky” and “Lemon Scent” wear that influence the loudest, and proudest. “Lemon Scent,” by the way, was the other song performed on The Vampire Diairies. OK, finally, I’ll mention my two favorites, for now, tracks. First, “Sorry For It All.” Wow. What a stunning, slow-burning ballad this song is! Watch the video below and you will not be disappointed. Next, “Face to Face.” Wow, again. Another stunning ballad! I love the end when Emily screams, all Joplin-like, “Am I dead to him? Baby, baby, baby! Yeah, yeah!” as a crunching riff crashes over her. Damn, I wish American artists released new material more frequently!

Website: Dead Sara Official Website

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