Nem-09Nemhain is a female-fronted punk/metal band from London, England, formed in 2006, by Adrian Erlandsson (drums), ex-Cradle of Filth, and his wife, Amber Erlandsson (vocals), aka Morrigan Hel.Nem-05 The band is named after Nemhain, the Celtic goddess of battle fury and frenzy, who may have been one of a trio of goddesses of battle, all sisters, known as The Morrigan. Or something like that. Anyway, Adrian and Amber formed Nemhain “to draw on their influences from the likes of Danzig and the Ramones.” Danzig I get, and Black Sabbath. But, the Ramones, not so much. Amber Erlandsson was once a model and a stage performer who toured with bands like Motorhead, H.I.M., and her husband’s former band, Cradle of Filth. She also appeared in the indie horror film Nature Morte (2006), directed by Paul Burrows, as well as an extra in several other films, and has written for the now-defunct UK horror magazine GoreZone. And, she has an awesome tattoo of Nemhain‘s logo on her back. Check out the album cover. That’s her. Now, that is commitment to your band. Or to the Celtic goddess of battle fury.

Nemhain‘s full-length debut, “From the Ashes” (2010) rages furiously with metallic riffs, pounding backbeats, and Morrigan’s lyrics about sex and addiction, making their namesake proud.Nem-2010 The album opens with the title song proving that a good lead track speaks volumes. Next up is “ANA,” the first single. Don’t let the slow intro fool you – this is the band’s most punk track, while “Girls Like Honey,” about abuse, is the most visceral. “Second Skin,” the second single, is an excellent cover of a classic by The Gits. The late Mia Zapata would approve. However, I would love to have heard Nemhain covering “Another Shot of Whiskey” instead. “Clear My Eyes” brings the Sabbath influence out, while “Jane Doe #1” adds a little bit of Nirvana into the mix. Nem-01 The latter is followed, ironically, by the cool “Heroin Child,” in which Morrigan proclaims: “I know how to shout and destroy everything.” And, in “Dirty Weekend,” my favorite track, she warns: “Gonna take you, break you, make you remember my name.” That song was based on a controversial novel (1991) by Helen Zahavi which was made into a movie (1993) directed by Michael Winner, who also directed the revenge classic Death Wish (1974) starring Charles Bronson. Speaking of Charles Bronson, Nemhain‘s “Mr. Bronson” is a badass tribute to the deceased badass actor! And, then, this disc closes out with two more great songs: “The Filth and the Fury” and the thrashing “Speed Queen,” my second favorite track. Watch videos for the singles here:

Website: Nemhain Official Website

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