Sick Of Sarah

Sick-04Sick of Sarah is an all-female American pop/rock band, from Minneapolis, MN, formed in 2005. The band currently consists of Abisha Uhl (vocals, rhythm guitar), Katie Murphy (lead guitar), Jessie Farmer (lead and rhythm guitar), Jamie Holm (bass), and Jessica Forsythe (drums).Sick-02 Sick of Sarah‘s sincere pop/rock, like Hunter Valentine‘s passionate punk, is used in nearly every episode of Tucky Williams’ lesbian web series, Girl/Girl Scene. But, even more than that, Sick of Sarah singer Abisha Uhl plays Bender, Evan’s lovable pot dealer, on the series. Her character was briefly introduced in the season one finale, but, in season two, Bender is a main character, and Abisha as Bender is one of the best parts of this amazing series, second only to Tucky Williams as womanizing Evan, the focus of Girl/Girl Scene. But, this blog is about music, so … Did I mention that this band is from Minneapolis, MN? Yes, I did. Minneapolis, home of The Replacements, America’s best kept secret and one of my favorite bands of all time. I think Abisha, in this picture with her guitar, looks like she could be Mat‘s frontman Paul Westerberg’s daughter!

Sick of Sarah‘s eponymous full-length debut was released in 2008, and filled with 10 instantly addictive tracks that are both bitter and sweet. And, thus “Bittersweet” is one of my favorites. Abisha’s sweet vocals balance perfectly with her insecurities in this song about not wanting to hope for someone better:SOS-2008 “And I can’t believe in nothing / Or anyone that I can’t see /You know it’s better than it’s ever been / And that’s good enough for me.” And, I love the video, especially the clips of the band performing in the snow. I love the video for “Daisies,” too, but the song is way too sugary. “Not Listening” was used as the theme for comedian Bridget McManus’s series Brunch With Bridget on LOGO. In “Fall,” the first of two heartfelt acoustic ballads, Abisha wonders wistfully: “Your heart is taking such a break / Am I the wet socks that you hate?” The second acoustic ballad, “Paint Like That,” is my favorite track on this album, by far. This sadly beautiful track was used amazingly well on Girl/Girl Scene (episode 201). Watch videos for songs from this album here:

Sick of Sarah returned in 2010 with “2025,” which is the address for the house they practiced at. The upbeat rocker “Overexposure” was adopted as the theme song for season two of Girl/Girl Scene.SOS-2010 “Cigarettes” is a definite favorite, for sure. Abisha sings, in the intro, “Taste this breath / It vaguely reeks of cigarettes,” and, for some reason, it sticks with me. “Kiss Me” offers a memorable hook, especially when Abisha sings the last line in Italian: “Cara mia mi amore.” And, “El Paso Blue” also offers an insanely memorable hook, but with added bittersweetness: “You say it might be better / No, it’s never, it’s never, it’s never.” “Wasting Time,” from a single, released in 2011, is the heartfelt acoustic ballad missing from this album. And, finally, in “Giving Up,” Abisha talk-sings: “The flowers never grow / I think I’ll pick forever, this time / Well, I guess I’m giving up again.” I hope Abisha never gives up, on singing or acting. Watch videos for songs from this album here:

If you like Sick of Sarah, or Hunter Valentine, or Vanity Theft, then you’ve probably seen Girl/Girl Scene. But, if not, check it out here: Girl/Girl Scene. Guy or girl, gay or straight, it’s a cool series.
Abisha Uhl as Bender from Girl/Girl Scene.

Abisha Uhl as Bender from Girl/Girl Scene.


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