Stalingrad Cowgirls

SGCG-02B-BigStalingrad Cowgirls is an all-female punk rock band from the small town of Salla in Finnish Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle,SGCG-08 formed in 2005 by Enni Kivelä (vocals, guitar), Henna Vaarala (bass), and Riina Kivelä (drums). The band is, obviously, not from Stalingrad, nor are they cowgirls, but Enni sings entirely in English with only a hint of an accent. Finland is the home of HIM‘s gothic love metal, and HIM is another favorite band of mine, but Stalingrad Cowgirls sound nothing like Helsinki’s favorite sons. They do, however, sound like a Finnish version of awesome Canadian punky rockers Hunter Valentine. Both bands have three female members (sometimes) and, who knows, maybe the three members of Stalingrad Cowgirls are into girls, too. Probably not. The band officially broken up in 2012 but, before that, they released two pretty awesome albums filled with hooky, passionate girl punk.

The first album, Somewhere High, was released in 2007. “Freeminded”, driven by a Sex Pistols-ish riff, is a definite standout, in which Enni proudly proclaims her love to her favorite rock star: “Do you remember me / Your dirty little groupie? / Touch me / Once more / Take me / I’m all yours.”SG-2007 Later, she even adds a “Meow.” Sexy. In “Love to Make You Cry”, a heavier alt-rocker, Enni plays a cruel heartbreaker: “When I see your broken heart I realize how bad I am / I just couldn’t care less, how I laugh to make you cry.” In “That’s Why”, Enni embraces her emotional pain to write songs: “Maybe someday I’ll be fine again / But right now I’m just glad to be sad.” But, ironically, in the somber ballad, “Pretty Good”, she says: “Yeah, what a beautiful day! / Feel the sun, it’s my time, my time.” That aptly-titled track ends with cool, almost gospel-like, backing vocals. In “Take Care, Sister”, a more upbeat track, Enni leaves home to become a rock star, presumably. The title track and “Walk Over You” are driven by excellent Southern rock riffs, while “You Won’t Get It”, the first single, is simply a cool punker. Watch the video here:

Stalingrad Cowgirls‘ second album, Kiss Your Heart Goodbye, was released in 2010. This release was a little shorter, but much punkier, and, as the title implies, Enni was angrier, even bitter. The Cheap Trick-esque “It’s Not Over” opens the album letting us know that the girls haven’t changed their rules, much. But, in “Baby Girl”, the first single, Enni’s snotty vocals, in the verses, are juxtaposed by the sweet, inspiring chorus:SG-2010 “Oh baby, oh baby girl / Don’t you know that there’s so much for you / In this world.” But, the snotty, angry punkers rule this album. In “Kill Me”, a favorite, Enni begs: “You’re already killing me / You’re killing me inside / So finish your work honey.” Then, in “Bad Luck”, Enni warns: “Welcome to my life / I will fuck up yours / And even more.” Why? Well, in “Not OK”, she snarls: “Why am I saying that I’m OK / Well fuck that, I am not OK.” And, in “I Remember”, she adds that she’s “Maybe a little bit crazy / A little bit lonely.” In “Fool”, a stunning mid-tempo ballad, Enni tells herself: “Hey girl, you’re such a fool / He will never ever fall for you.” But, she doesn’t listen, and tells him: “I’ll always be with you.” Finally, “Friday Night” offers another Sex Pistols-ish riff with a reference to The Clash‘s “Police & Thieves” in the lyrics. Watch the awesome video for “Baby Girl” here:

Website: Stalingrad Cowgirls Official Website

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