Random Musings #1

ChucksEI’m not a good writer, or reviewer. I know this. I’m not a journalist. I’m just some dude who loves chicks who rock, and I want to share all these female artists that I love with all of you. “Rock Chicks Rule!” is my first blog, but the catalyst for this blog is something I called “Random Musings,” which isn’t a blog at all.

For years, I’ve been randomly musing about various pop cultural topics, and sharing these musings, via e-mail, to selected friends and co-workers. I usually randomly muse about music (mostly female artists) that only I listen to and movies (mostly low-budget horror films) that only I watch because, like Clapton Davis (Josh Hutcherson) said in the awesome movie Detention (2011), “Good taste is not a democracy.”

So, in keeping with the tradition of my “Random Musings,” I will occasionally publish posts like this one, in addition to my regular posts about female artists, to randomly muse about whatever else it is that moves me at any given time. So, if you come to my blog just for the posts about chicks who rock, then just ignore any post labeled “Random Musings.” My selected friends and co-workers have been ignoring them for years.


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