shadow-01BShadowqueen is a hard rock band from Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2009, by Robbi Zana (vocals, bass, piano), Si Hopman (guitar), and Alex Deegan (drums).2011- Don't Tell The band plays hooky hard rock similar to Halestorm and UnSaid Fate, but driven by more metallic guitar riffs. The excellent first single, released in 2011, is driven by a backbeat similar to Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run,” as Robbi shares her dirty secrets, demanding: “Don’t tell! Don’t tell! Don’t tell!” Then,Shadowqueen their eponymous full-length debut, released in 2012, opens with “Best of Me,” in which Robbi proclaims: “I’m old enough not to care too much / About the things you think of me.” I like that. I’ll have to put that on a t-shirt. The riff driving “What You Want” reminds me of the riff in Kiss‘ “Take Me.” Not the ah, ah, ah, ah, yeah riff, but the one that plays over the chorus, and before and after the lead solo. Derivative? A little. Awesome? Yes! “Karma” is a cool hard rocking ballad that showcases Robbi’s vocals, while “Wake Up” is a good punky rocker, and “Paint Your Face” is a hit waiting to be played. Watch the video for “Don’t Tell” here:

Website: Shadowqueen Official Website

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