The Objex

Objex-002The Objex are an American afro-punk rock band from Las Vegas, NV, formed in 2006, by core members Felony Melony (vocals) and Jim Nasty (guitar).Objex-01B “Afro-punk” is a sub-genre of punk that refers to “the participation of African Americans and other black people in the punk and alternative music cultures.” Felony Melony, a former Suicide Girl, is all black and all punk. SuicideGirls, if you don’t know, is “a website that features softcore pornography and text profiles of goth, punk, metal and indie-styled young women.” Melony cites The Gits and Bikini Kill as influences, so, obviously, she is not only a punk, but a riot grrrl, too. She also cites the Ramones as an influence, as well as Wendy O Williams (of The Plasmatics), Jello Biafra (of Dead Kennedys), and Tina Turner. The Objex “draw a lot from late 70’s early 80’s punk, with some R&B and funk.” Their “alternative punk n’ roll,” as they refer to their music, is loud, fast, and, yet, insanely melodic.

The Objex debut, “Attack Of The Objex,” was released in 2007. Felony Melony’s voice is way too good for punk, but, thankfully, that’s the music she loves. In “Kill Your Stereotypes,” Melony spells it out, clearly, for all the white-bred punks who may have stumbled into the band’s show on a lark:Objex2007 “Don’t label me / By my race / You’re headed for / Disgrace.” But, “The Reaction” is my favorite track on this album. Backed by an awesome punk beat, she incites the masses: “This song goes out to my fellow punk mates / Get off your ass and participate / There’s no denying our fears are coming true / The reaction starts with you / Go!” In “Gotta Get Some,” Melony’s sex drive takes control: “(Ooh, Aah) / Come on baby now don’t ever stop / (Ooh, Aah) / You know what I need / So come and give it to me!” But, not in public. She hates PDA. “Get a fxxx-ing room!” she shouts at the end of “Arm Candy (P.D.A.).” Finally, in the fiery closer “Gag,” Melony snarls that she doesn’t care about privileged no-talents like Paris Hilton and her “little dog, too.” They all just make her “wanna gag.”

The Objex second disc, “Reservation for Debauchery,” released in 2011 (after a few line-up changes), rips through 11 furious punk n’ rollers in just under 27 minutes! But, the production is bigger and Felony Melony’s voice, even better.Objex2011 The awesome first single “RSVP” is all the proof you need. Listen as Melony tells you how it is: “I take / What I want / Not afraid / To flaunt / What I have / Inside of me!” But, if, by chance, you need more proof, the awesome second single, “Lethal Lips,” explodes from your speakers with a thunderous backbeat as Melony flaunts her sexualty: “I’m feelin’ / Sexy / Red lips now I’m lookin’ deadly / Red nails sharp as a blade, oh yeah.” Then, She looks in a mirror: “I’m dead sexy, oh yeah!” She is dead sexy, and dangerous, too. In “Get Back,” Melony’s not getting back to where she once belonged, she’s “gettin’ back what they’re takin’ from” her. “Motherfxxx-er, yeow!” she adds. Finally, both “Criminal State” and “Toxic Waste” are driven by a chunka-chunka punkabilly riff, which, of course, is always cool. Watch some videos from this album here:

Website: The Objex Official Facebook

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