Cyaneed-01Cyaneed is an all-female punk rock band from Alta, Norway, formed in 2004. The band consists of Hanna Reinsnes Moen (vocals), Ida Iki (guitar),Cyaneed-05 Karen Therese Ugelvik (bass) and Elin Boland [replaced by Henrik Gustavsen] (drums). They play a catchy blend of pop/punk mixed 60’s garage rock similar to The Hives (from Sweden), with a bit of classic 70’s punk, too. I first heard this band on the soundtrack of the 2009 movie Dead Snow (Død snø), directed by Tommy Wirkola, which, if nothing else, is the best damn Nazi zombie movie ever made. Now, Cyaneed sings, almost, entirely in Norwegian and since their sound varies little from song to song, album to album, I won’t go into detail about their short discography. But it is, in fact, a sound I like. The band has released three albums to date, all good: “Jeg Forstår Ikke Hva Jeg Gjør” (2006), “I Rule This Library for Tonight” (2008) and “Dr. Daniel” (2010). The song that was used in Dead Snow is “Nr. 2” from the 2008 album.

Watch videos for one song from each album here:

Website: Cyaneed Official Website

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