The Organ Beats

OB-01BThe Organ Beats are a power pop band from Waltham, MA, formed in 2008 by Noelle LeBlanc (vocals, guitar), ex-Damone.noelle She is joined, this time, by her brother, Danny (drums), Mikey (bass) and Alex (lead guitar). I had to do a post about this band because their most recent release, Goldenheart (2012), is my favorite album of the week! With The Organ Beats, Noelle has returned to the energetic power pop from Damone‘s first release, From the Attic, and she does it amazingly well, maybe even better! But, I still hear that Waltham (former Damone member Dave Pino’s band) influence, especially on “Living Without You”. Back in the day, I was a power pop obsessive for a few years, and Not Lame Records (now defunct) was the go-to place for all things that mattered in that genre. Bands like The Organ Beats are why that label existed! But, bands like The Organ Beats are also why that label folded, too, because no one listens to them! Bastards! Don’t be like them! Listen to The Organ Beats.

Goldenheart explodes with crunchy guitar riffs, pounding back beats and hooks that will drive you insane. And, much like Damone‘s first album,OB2012 it’s hard to pick a favorite. I start with Track 1, “Don’t Wake Me Up”, and listen all the way through to Track 10, “Don’t You Ever Feel Like Dying”, a softer acoustic number that brings me back down so that I can start over again with Track 1! But, as I type this post, I’m realizing that “Heartless” and “Last Goodbye” are still stuck in my head! MISHMASH (a double single), with “Stay the Night” and “When You’re In Love”, was released in 2011. Both songs are amazing and hinted at what to expect on Goldenheart. But, of course, I stumbled on the new album first!OB2009 And, the band also recorded a pretty awesome cover of Belinda Carlisle‘s “Heaven Is a Place on Earth”. The Organ Beats‘ debut, Sleep When We Are Dead (2009) is a power poppin’ good time as well, but it’s missing a little something. Noelle’s voice is sometimes lost in the mix, and the hooks aren’t as instantly memorable as they are on the current release. Sure, they stick with you after a few listens, but not always after the first. I think Noelle really found her band’s groove on Goldenheart, and I hope she continues it with the next release. Watch the videos for “Living Without You” and “Stay the Night” here:

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