Sumo Cyco

Sumo-01Sumo Cyco is a female-fronted Canadian alternative rock band with punk, metal, and industrial influences from Toronto, Ontario. The band consists of Sever (vocals),Sumo-04B Matt “MD” Drake (guitar), Ken “Thor” Corke (bass) and Ryan “Legs” Leger (drums). Sever’s real name is Skye Sweetnam and, when Skye was 16, she was a Canadian pop/rock star poised to become the next Avril Lavigne. She was pretty popular in Canada, and her 2004 debut, Noise From the Basement, is pretty good for what it was. The album was anchored by the single “Billy S.” (which can be heard in the 2003 Mandy Moore movie How To Deal which is where I first heard Skye). That song is an innocently rebellious teen anthem in which Skye declares, in the chorus, over a punky beat: “I don’t need to read Billy Shakespeare / Meet Juliet or Malvolio.” And, because of that song, whenever I reference Shakespeare, I call him Billy.

Anyway, Skye’s 24 and all grown up now, musically, and, well, physically, too (which she loves to flaunt!). Sumo Cyco‘s music is much more badass than Skye’s tweeny solo stuff and, although Skye’s voice isn’t badass enough to match the band’s hard metallic riffs and industrial beats, it works, well. They’ve digitally released 7 singles to date, and have self-written, produced and directed awesome videos for all of them.

Watch them all here (I hope they don’t mind):

Sumo Cyco recently released an EP, Live Sessions 1, in which they perform some of the songs above live in studio, and they sound pretty amazing. Most of the songs have videos of them in studio, too. You can watch those on their really cool website.

Also, if you watch video clip shows like Tosh.0 and Ridiculousness, or just watch dumb videos on YouTube, you may have seen a video where a girl leans over the railing on a 2nd floor balcony inside a large house and gets popped in the head by a ceiling fan blade … well, that’s Sever, and it happened during the filming of the “Interceptor” video!

They say: “Debut Record Coming Soon.” I say: “Can’t wait!”

Website: Sumo Cyco Official Website


One response to “Sumo Cyco

  1. I posted the link to this on the band’s Facebook wall. They shared it today. Don’t know if you also emailed them this link or what.

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