Vanity Theft

Vanity-01BVanity Theft is an all-girl alternative pop/rock band from Springboro, Ohio, formed in 2005, by core members Alicia Grodecki (lead vocals, keyboards, synthesizers), Brittany Hill (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Elyse Driskill (drums).Vanity-02 Lalaine Vergara-Paras (who played Miranda on the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire) played bass for the band from 2010 to 2011, and appears in some videos. Vanity Theft plays what the kids call “dance-rock,” I guess. Now, I hate any music that can be described as “dance,” especially rock. But, I love this band, and, I will admit that I do, maybe, only because their music, like Hunter Valentine and Sick of Sarah, is all over my favorite web series, Girl/Girl Scene. But, as it stands, Vanity Theft is a pretty awesome band. Yes, they play upbeat “dance-rock,” but, honestly, the emphasis is placed on the “rock,” because Vanity Theft is, first and foremost, a guitar band, and the “rock” riffs overshadow the “dance” beats. Plus, Alicia Grodecki’s vocals are sometimes pretty snotty, like the best punk. Actually, Alicia sounds a little like Brett Anderson of The Donnas. Vanity Theft‘s dance-rock falls somewhere between Sick of Sarah‘s emotional pop/rock and Hunter Valentine‘s punk/rock.

Vanity Theft‘s second full-length album, “Get What You Came For” (2011), is where I started because every track was used, some more than once, on Girl/Girl Scene. Their first album, “Post Script: Pace Yourself” (2008)Vanity2011-1 was good with cool tracks like “Where’s The Action?” and “Symptoms,” but “Get What You Came For” is an exhilarating collection of upbeat, addictive alternative pop/rock that, yes, you can dance to if you feel so moved. I do not understand, however, why this band is not all over the mainstream pop charts. Maybe Alicia Grodecki’s vocals are too snotty and Brittany Hill’s riffs are too hard for the club kids? Or maybe the catchy hooks and dance beats are too much for the alt-rockers and punks? Anyway, the album opens with “Trainwreck” which offers these sexy lines:

This may be unnatural
I saw you with another girl
(Ooh, I couldn’t fight it)
Ooh, I kinda liked it
I kinda liked it

Watch the video for “Trainwreck” here:

“Limb From Limb,” the second track, is used in the opening sequence of episode 201 of Girl/Girl Scene, the best of the season, where womanizing Evan (Tucky Williams) picks up new character Avery (Kayden Kross) in a bar. As Evan descends upon her prey, we hear these lines:

Well, they don’t know you like I do
You are the back of my hand
But in this light they might still be
Mistaken, taking you for a man

Now, that’s fitting because, as beautiful as actress Tucky Williams is, her character Evan is a man-ish lesbian. Watch the video for “Limb From Limb” here:

Those two tracks are followed by three more should-be hits, all great: “My Cup Runneth Over,” “Rattle Rattle,” and “Bit By Bit.” But, skip “Textbook Answer,” the only song that doesn’t move me. Go to “Anatomy.” This song, about wanting someone for the wrong reasons, is, without a doubt, the dance-poppiest track, but I dare you to listen, then, try to get its hook out of your head:

And besi-i-ides
Maybe I don’t want you
For your mi-i-i-ind
Can’t deci-i-ide

Watch the video for “Anatomy” here:

“End Scene” is one of my favorite tracks. It’s about regret and getting older, which is weird since these girls are only in their mid-twenties. Check out these lines:

I’m getting to be too damn old for
Having so little to show
A couple could-have-been’s
And should-have-known’s
Won’t get me where I’ve got to go

But, later, she adds: “But God forbid I act my age.” Love that song! The album ends with “Missing Teeth,” the only ballad, and a stunning, sadly beautiful song. Now, I hate the use of auto-tune in music, but, in this one, it works, well. For years, I’ve been trying to tell my friends and family about all these great bands I listen to, but no one ever listens, and this is how I feel:

Tell me, is the meaning
Of every word I’m speaking
Lost upon you
And all the while you are erasing
Every image I’m embracing
Lost upon you

“Excavating,” a B-side from “The Anatomy EP” (2010), is a favorite, too. More rock, much less dance. In 2012, Vanity Theft released another EP “The Right Amount of Distance” and a new single “I Know You K(NEW) Me.” The EP is like leftovers from “Get What You Came For,” and that’s not a bad thing, but I find myself returning to the album. Watch the video for “Headstart,” from the EP, here:

Website: Vanity Theft Official Website


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