Highway-01AHighway is an all female hard rock/heavy metal band from Bogota, Columbia, formed in 2003. The band consists, currently, of founding member Lina de la Parra (bass), with Tay González (vocals), Mayerly Mesa (guitar) and Tatiana Rico (drums). Lina’s main influences are: “Judas Priest, Motorhead, Warlock, Joan Jett, Doro, Manowar, Dio, among others.”Highway-02 Their debut album, Predicción Fatal, released in 2008, is a fine collection of metal-riffic hard rock. If you love any of the bands that influenced Lina, you’ll love this album if you don’t mind that these ladies sing entirely in Spanish. I don’t mind. If you frequent my blog, you know that language, any language, does not stop me from listening to great music or, in the case of Highway, good music. Yeah, they’re not changing the world of metal but, so what. My favorites include “Highway”, “Ave Del Camino”, the title track (with some death metal growls), and the Mötley Crüe-ish power ballad “Viajero Sin Tiempo”. An acoustic version of “Viajero Sin Tiempo” is also included as a bonus track.

Watch the video for their song “Sueño Entre Sombras” here:

Highway Discography
2005.00.00 – Highway (Demo) [EP]
2008.00.00 – Predicción Fatal [Album]


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