Patchwork Grace

Patchwork-01APatchwork Grace is a female-fronted alternative punk/rock band from Nottingham, England, formed in 2005. The band, as of 2010, consisted of Tori Trash (vocals), Chris Marrizon (guitar), Joey (bass) and Danny Gunn (drums). Patchwork Grace sounds like Siouxsie Sioux fronting Nirvana covering The Sex Pistols.Patchwork-02 Or, like Yeah Yeah Yeahs (circa 2003), except more punk, less indie rock. Kerrang! magazine said: “The UK’s Hottest Female Fronted Unsigned Artist.” Maybe. I stumbled upon their debut album, Milk Teeth (2007), while perusing the new releases on eMusic, and the sound clips convinced me to download. I was not disappointed.

Milk Teeth opens with the snotty ’70s punk of “Lovely,” then kicks right into the ’90s grunge of “Soap.” Two amazingly cool tracks. In the calmer “Zebra,” Tori pronounces zebra like the name Debra. Is that an English thing? Next up is a punked-up cover of The Cure‘s “The Lovecats.” The Cure is another one of my all-time favorite bands, but I prefer gloomy Robert, not happy Robert, so I never really embraced the poppy Cure songs like “The Lovecats.” But, Patchwork Grace‘s grungy version is awesome! “Meister Clinic” and “Choc Milk & Cocaine” are favorites, but, the best of the rest is “Pink Aniseed.” At the end, Tori whispers, “I fucking adore you.” Well said.

Watch videos for “Soap” and “The Lovecats” here:

Patchwork Grace Discography
2007.08.16 – Milk Teeth [Album]
2010.08.01 – Play Dead [EP]
2011.11.20 – “To The Disco” [Single]



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