Fit For Rivals

FitFR-01AFit for Rivals are is American alternative punk/rock band from Jacksonville, FL. The band was formed in 2008 by Renee Phoenix (vocals) after her previous punk band, The Explicits, broke up.FitFR-03 Fit For Rivals began with five members, who recorded Steady Damage (2009), but, currently, only three remain: Phoenix, Thomas Amason (guitar) and Eli Clark (bass). The first thing you will notice about this band is Phoenix’s husky voice. She sounds like Brody Dalle (of The Distillers) mixed with a bit of Joan Jett and, to me, that sounds like Heaven. But, unlike The Distillers, Fit For Rivals plays alternative rock with a taste of pop/punk.

The first single, “Crash,” from Steady Damage, is the perfect song to start with if you’ve never heard Fit For Rivals. Big riffs, pounding back beats and Phoenix’s raspy-throated vocals. She’s way too young to have that voice as a result of smoking too much. The second single, “Damage,” is pretty awesome, too, as is “Get With Me.” “Hallelujah” is a song re-recorded from The Explicits one and only album, but Fit For Rival‘s version is more pop/punk, less hardcore. “Better Off (Alone),” by the way, is the best of this album’s straight up pop/punkers.

Watch the videos for “Crash” and “Damage” here:

OK, I’ve had Fit For Rivals‘ album in my music library for some time but, I must admit, that, until I looked up the facts for this post, I didn’t know that Renee Phoenix was in another band. So I had to have The Explicits. Now, I do, and I love them! The Explicits were, obviously, influenced by The Distillers. Sure, Phoenix sounds like Brody Dalle, but The Explicits were more hardcore than Fit For Rivals yet still melodic, like The Distillers. I love this album and I can’t believe I missed it! In fact, right now, I like The Explicits over Fit For Rivals. Maybe it’s only because The Explicits are fresh on my mind. Listen to both versions of “Hallelujah,” and decide for yourself.

The Explicits Discography
2008.00.00 – The Explicits [Album]

Fit For Rivals Discography
2009.07.09 – Steady Damage [Album]
2013.00.00 – ??



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