Zombies vs Strippers

ChucksEThey’ll dance for a fee, but devour you for free.” It’s Zombie Strippers (2008) starring Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) and Jenna Jameson (porn star). This movie, written and directed by Jay Lee, is far more entertaining than the title, or premise, leads you to believe. However, do not confuse this movie with Strippers vs Zombies [aka Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!] (2008), with Tiffany Shepis, or Zombies vs Strippers (2012).ZombieStrippers-01A Both suck. On the other hand, the Japanese strippers vs zombies movie Big Tits Zombie (2010), with Aoi Sora, does not suck. Oh, and Devil’s Den (2006), with Kelly Hu, does not suck either. But that movie is strippers vs demons. Same difference.

Anyway, in Zombie Strippers, a chemical zombie virus, developed in a secret government facility, is let loose in that facility, infecting the researchers. A team of Marines, called the Z-Squad, is called in to quell the incident but one of them is bitten. He, of course, goes AWOL and makes his way to an underground strip club, owned by Ian (Englund). The infected Marine bites star dancer Kat (Jameson), and she becomes the first zombie stripper. But, surpisingly, she also becomes a bigger draw as a result. Next is gothic stripper Lilith (Roxy Saint), by choice, followed by Sox (Penny Drake). Soon, they begin to feed on the patrons in private lap dances, but Ian doesn’t care because they’re making him rich. But, Kat’s jealous rival, Jeannie (Shamron Moore) becomes a zombie to challenge Kat and a zombie stripper battle royale ensues, as the zombified patrons, locked in the basement by greedy Ian, are set loose in the club.

Watch the trailer for Zombie Strippers here:

So, yeah, this movie’s pretty damn good. It’s funny, gory, action-packed and filled with a whole lot of hot strippers, and some sexy female Marines, too! The make-up effects and gore gags, in particular, are over-the-top, plentiful, and well done. This is not a great film, but, it’s a whole lot of fun, as any good zombie movie should be.ZombieStrippers-02 But, the reason I’m randomly musing about this movie is because of Roxy Saint, who plays gothic stripper Lilith.

Roxy Saint, based in Hollywood, CA, is not only an actress, but also a singer and a musician, too, as well as a producer, director and fashion designer. In 2003, she released a DVD album, The Underground Personality Tapes, which included 10 original songs with self-produced videos for each and other vignettes. Her music is a mix of punk, industrial, goth and alternative rock. “Rebel,” driven by a cool guitar riff (played by a chick in the video), is the best track on the DVD, but “Fuck” and a cover of The Stooges‘ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” are pretty cool, too. In addition, several of Roxy’s songs appear on the soundtrack to Zombie Strippers including “Don’t Kill The Star” and “Smother You.” The latter plays over the end credits.

Watch Roxy’s self-made video of “Rebel” here:

Watch this video for her cool 2011 single “America” (which was directed by Zombie Strippers director Jay Lee) here:

And, watch this cool video for her awesome song “Silent” here:

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