Uplift Spice

UpliftSpice-01AUPLIFT SPICE is a female-fronted Japanese pop/punk band from Tokyo, formed in 2005. The members are Chiori (千織) (vocals), Yuuki (ユーキー) (guitar), Kenji (bass) and Tobita (トビ太) (drums). Chiori’s voice is very distinctive, nasally, sometimes whiny, but fits perfectly with her band’s, mostly, driving emo-ish rockers, with a few ballads, here and there.UpliftSpice-03 Their songs are upbeat, yes, but the tone is more sober, thus the emo tag. Chiori sings entirely in Japanese, but the pounding rhythms and addictive hooks make their songs easy to embrace, on first listen.

UPLIFT SPICE has released 3 mini-albums and 4 full albums to date with little progression in their sound, but that sound never gets tired. Their debut mini-album Shateki (射的) (2006) is a great place to start if you’ve never heard this band. Listen to the title track and “Ameza Rashi (雨ざらし),” then, listen to the amazing ballad “Kikyuu ni Natta Fuusen (気球になった風船),” from the 2nd mini-album, Hanabi no Iro (花火の色) (2007). If you need more, listen to each successive release, in order, every song, and soon enough, UPLIFT SPICE will be your new favorite band. Memento (2010), overall, is my favorite full album, and its last track, “Monster,” is pretty awesome. But “風の岬,” from Paradigm Shift (パラダイムシフト) (2011) is pretty awesome, too, as is “七つの海,” from Omega Rhythm (オメガリズム) (2009)! Cool band!

Watch the videos for “Justice” (from Memento) and Omega Rhythm here:

UPLIFT SPICE Discography
2006.06.14 – Shateki (射的) [Mini-Album]
2007.02.14 – Hanabi no Iro (花火の色) [Mini-Album]
2007.09.12 – Rasen (螺旋) [Mini-Album]
2008.07.09 – UPLIFT SPICE [Album]
2009.08.12 – Omega Rhythm (オメガリズム) [Album]
2010.09.01 – Memento [Album]
2011.07.27 – Paradigm Shift (パラダイムシフト) [Album]

Website: www.upliftspice.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/upliftspice


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