Picture Me Broken

PictureMeBroken-01APicture Me Broken is an American alternative rock band from Redwood City, CA, formed in 2005 by Brooklyn (vocals/keyboards) and Austin Dunn (bass). The rest of the lineup, currently, is Dante Phoenix (guitar), Jimmy Strimpel (guitar) and Shaun Foist (drums). Layla Brooklyn Allman is the daughter of Gregg Allman, a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band.PictureMeBroken-02 But, her band sounds nothing like her father’s band. Picture Me Broken plays a mix of alternative, metalcore and hard rock, but Brooklyn sings (with occasional screams) like she’s fronting a Paramore-inspired emo band, and it’s a cool balance.

Picture Me Broken‘s debut full-length, Wide Awake (2010) is one of those albums that I’ve had for some time, but never really listened to until recently and, now that I have, I don’t understand why I didn’t listen before. That happens often. Anyway, I love this album. “Dearest, I’m So Sorry,” the first single, is a perfect statement of Picture Me Broken‘s mission, but, “Dead Serious” and “Nerds & Cigarettes” are my favorite harder edged tracks, while “Forevermore” is an excellent acoustic emo ballad. But, the Evanescence-esque “If I Never Wake Again” is the real gem in this treasure.

Watch the video for “Dearest, I’m So Sorry” here:

Picture Me Broken‘s latest EP, Mannequins (2012), is more of the same, and that’s OK. The album had only 10 tracks. The EP gives us 4 more. “Torture” and “Beautiful Disguise” are two more Evanescence-esque track, one a rocker, the other a piano ballad. Both excellent.

Picture Me Broken Discography
2009.10.13 – Dearest, I’m So Sorry [EP]
2010.07.06 – Wide Awake [Album]
2012.12.15 – Mannequins [EP]

Website: www.picturemebroken.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/picturemebrokenband
Myspace: www.myspace.com/picturemebroken


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