Kirimizi-01AKırmızı is an all-female heavy metal band from Istanbul, Turkey, formed in 2005 by Idil Cagatay (vocals) and Asli Polat (drums). The rest of the members are Burcu Ozdereli (guitar), Saba Arat (guitar) and Ecem Otgucuoglu (bass).Kirimizi-02 “Kırmızı” means “red” in Turkish, but “black” (or “siyah”) comes to mind when you see and hear this band. Cagatay’s voice is deep, gothic, and fits perfectly with the band’s dark melodic metal. Kırmızı opened for Ozzy Osbourne, his personal choice, when he played in Istanbul in 2010. Kırmızı‘s debut album, İsyan (Riot) (2011), is a, surprisingly, good listen if you don’t mind Cagatay’s Turkish vocals. The album’s first single, “Çekilin Başımdan,” features brutal male vocals by Hayko Cepkin, who is, apparently, a famous Turkish alternative metal singer. The title track is a cool track, too, as are “Uyan” and “Kimsin Sen.”

Watch the video for “Çekilin Başımdan” here:

Kirimizi-03Kırmızı Discography
2010-02-01 – “Kırmızı” [Single]
2011-03-10 – İsyan (Riot) [Album]


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