General Luna

GeneralLuna-01AGeneral Luna is an all-female Filipino pop/rock band from Manila, formed in 2010. The members are Nicole Asensio (vocals), Caren Mangaran (lead guitar), Audry Dionisio (rhythm guitar), Alex Montemayor (bass) and Bea Lao (drums). General Luna is the first Filipino band I listened to when I decided to explore that country’s rock scene. Nicole Asensio sings, mostly, in Tagalog (Filipino), but, luckily, she has a pretty amazing voice,GeneralLuna-02 and, when she does sing in English, she sings without an accent at all.

General Luna plays, mostly, soft rock with a blues influence, heavy with passionate ballads. But, some songs do rock a little more, like “Red Heaven” from their debut album, General Luna (2010). Other good tracks, from the debut, are “Dala Ng Ulan,” “Maria” and “Tila,” all in Tagalog, obviously, but, my favorite is the sincere ballad “Hinga.” Different Corners (2012) has two good English tracks (“Different Corners,” “Watcher”) and two excellent Tagalog tracks (“Walang Imposible,” “Nadama”). But, the best song is the soulful English ballad “If This Day Was The Last Day.” In fact, that song is the best of all General Luna‘s songs.

Watch the video for the bluesy rocker “Red Heaven” here:

GeneralLuna-03General Luna Discography
2010.00.00 General Luna [Album]
2012.08.28 Different Corners [Album]


2 responses to “General Luna

  1. You have a very excellent appreciation of music, and good job on featuring bands from differents parts of the globe, which you actually listened to.

  2. You should also try Imago (alternative), Saydie (metal) and Up dharma down (alternative), all from the Philippines.

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