Skarlett Riot

SkarlettRiot-01ASkarlett Riot is a female-fronted hard rock band from, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, England, formed in 2010. The band consists of Skarlett (vocals/guitar), Danny (guitar), Tom (bass) and Luke (drums). Skarlett Riot is recommended for fans of Halestorm, UnSaid Fate, Valora, etc., and any band that inspired those bands (especially Guns N’ Roses).SkarlettRiot-02 I stumbled upon their 2012 EP, Villain, last year, and thought it was good [“Read My Lips” is like GNR meets Def Leppard], but, the promise this band showed was better. And, now, in 2013, they’ve made good on that promise!

Skarlett Riot‘s full-length debut, Tear Me Down (2013), kicks it out right from start with the high-octane blast of its amazing first two singles, “Faded Memory” and “What We’ve Become.” But, with those, the first two tracks, blazing with so much awesome, so soon, can they keep it going? Hell, yes! The third track, “Adrenaline,” fires off more blistering riffs and addictive hooks, as does the very Halestorm-ish “Rock N Roll Queen,” and every track after that. Even the two tracks carried over from the 2012 EP (“Villain” and “Party Hard”) sound better in the flames of these new tracks. But, before I listened, I glanced over the track list, spotting “Broken Wings,” and thought, “Oh no, not a Mr. Mister cover!” Thankfully, it’s not – it’s just their own amazing power ballad!

Watch the video for “What We’ve Become” here:

SkarlettRiot-03Skarlett Riot Discography
2010.11.04 – Skarlett Riot [EP]
2012.03.19 – Villain [EP]
2013.03.25 – Tear Me Down [Album]


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