Louna-01ALouna is a Russian alternative/punk rock band, from Moscow, formed in 2008 by Lusine “Lou” Gevorkyan (vocals) and Vitaly “Vit” Demidenko (bass) of alternative/nu-metal band Tracktor Bowling. The other members are Ruben “Rou” Kazarian (guitar),Louna-02 Sergey “Serzh” Ponkratiev (guitar) and Leonid “Pilot” Kinzbursky (drums). Apparently, Tracktor Bowling wasn’t enough to hold back Lou’s rage, it seems, so she formed Louna and, currently, fronts both bands, but seems to be concentrating on the latter. Louna is less nu-metal, more alternative rock with Nirvana and Foo Fighters as obvious influences. Louna has released 3 albums to date, and all are amazing. In fact, I prefer Louna over Tracktor Bowling‘s work prior to the 2010 self-titled album.

“Мой рок-н-ролл,” Бойцовский клуб, “Сделай громче!” and “Кому веришь ты?” from Louna‘s debut, Сделай громче! (2010), are cool tracks, while “Время Х,” the Nirvana-ish “Люди смотрят вверх” and the punk rager “Кто, если не мы?” are favorites from Время X (2012). But “Против всех,” from the latter album is, definitely, the best track that Lou’s recorded with Louna.

Watch the videos for “Мой рок-н-ролл” and “Сделай громче!” here:

In 2013, Louna released Behind a Mask, which is comprised of re-recorded English versions of songs from their two Russian albums, setting their sights on taking over the West. Louna deserves to be heard here, and I hope this album opens minds. Lou sings, in English, with only a slight accent, and these songs sound even better, making this release one of my favorites of this year, so far. “Make It Louder! (Сделай громче!),” in particular, is awesome in English, as is the autobiographical “Mama (Мама).” In the later, Lou name drops some of her influences, like Hetfield, Mustaine, Vedder, Cobain, Staley, and more, as she defends her rock star life to her mother. This song should be all over American alternative radio. Sadly, my favorite Louna track, “Против всех,” is not one of the tracks re-recorded in English.

Watch the video for the English version of “Мama” here:

Louna-04Louna-03Louna Discography
2009 – “Чёрный” [Single]
2009 – “Белый” [Single]
2010 – “Солнце” [Single]
2010 – Сделай громче! [Album]
2011 – “Кому веришь ты? feat. Тэм (LUMEN)” [Single]
2012 – Время X [Album]
2013 – “Mama” [Single]
2013 – “Business” [Single]
2013 – Behind a Mask [Album]

Website: louna.ru/ (Russian) / lounarocks.com/ (English)

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