Batman’s Little Girl

ChucksE“Batman’s Little Girl Is All Grown Up.” Yeah, she is! Birds of Prey was a short-lived TV series, loosely based on the DC comic, that originally aired for one season (13 episodes) on The WB in 2002. I recently dusted off my DVD setBirdsOfPrey-02 and re-watched this underrated gem. Birds of Prey takes place in New Gotham, several years after Batman has seemingly abandoned the city. Huntress (Ashley Scott) watches over New Gotham in Batman’s place, protecting the city from evil super-powered “metahumans.” Huntress, who is half metahuman, is Helena Kyle, the daughter of Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (aka Selina Kyle). The Joker put a hit on Catwoman, and Helena was forced to watch her mother die. Huntress is joined by Oracle (Dina Meyer), a wheelchair-bound tech wiz, and teenage metahuman runaway Dinah (Rachel Skarsten), who has telepathic abilities. Oracle is Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl), and The Joker, himself, shot her, which resulted in her paralyzing injury. Dinah is the daughter of another superheroine, Black Canary. Together, they are the Birds of Prey. But, Huntress is also helped by and flirts with good cop Det. Reese (Shemar Moore), and the Birds of Prey’s main nemesisBirdsOfPrey-03 is Helena’s psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Mia Sara), aka Joker-obsessed Harley Quinn.

Now, I love comics, but not costumed superheroes. However, I do happen to love DC‘s New 52 version of Catwoman, and The New 52 version of Harley Quinn (in Suicide Squad) is pretty damn sexy! Anyway, Birds of Prey, obviously, was a live-action series and I love it for three reasons. First, Ashley Scott, as Huntress/Helena Kyle, is absolutely adorable and kicks ass. Second, the plentiful fight scenes are amazingly well-choreographed and, thus, Ashley Scott is able to kick ass with mad skills. And, finally, the playful flirtation between Huntress and Det. Reese is an unashamed pleasure to watch. My favorite episode is #11, “Reunion,” in which Helena must reluctantly attend her high school reunion to catch a metahuman killer targeting her classmates, and risk revealing her true identity to Det. Reese. Huntress doesn’t wear a mask, but Det. Reese doesn’t know who she is by day which, by the way, is a bartender.AimeeAllen-01 In the end, she reveals herself, and those final moments are the best in this entire series.

Birds of Prey was not a revolutionary show, but, I love it anyway. Watch it.

Speaking of revolutions …

The original opening theme for Birds of Prey, in its initial run on The WB, was an electronic/alt-rock song called “Revolution” by Aimee Allen. The song was from her 2002 debut album I’d Start a Revolution (If I Could Get Up in the Morning). The show’s theme song on the DVD set has been replaced with a different femme-voiced alt-rock tune. Aimee Allen‘s album, due to legal issues, was never actually released and still has not been to this day, but, some promo copies are floating around. Its status as such did not allow the producers of the DVD to use the song. Too bad. The song is easy to find as a downloadable MP3, but the full album is much more difficult. HELP ME FIND A COPY PLEASE!!!!

Watch the video for “Revolution” here:

Aimee Allen went on to record the “Ron Paul Revolution Theme Song,” with a video, for the 2008 Ron Paul presidential primary campaign. She also officialy released a folk pop album, A Little Happiness (2009). Yeah, she was a way better rock star.

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  4. Is it too late to fulfill your request for Aimee? Please find files for Ms. Allen’s unreleased debut at the following link. It includes three additional rare tracks from the sessions. Enjoy this “lost” classic!

    Also, thanks for the high quality album cover pic! Your post (and pic) inspired me to assemble and tag my Revolution files.

    • It is not too late to fulfill that request! Thank you so much for posting that!!! I’ve been listening to a playlist of that album with Aimee’s new band The Interrupters all night! Thanks again!

    • Is it too late for me to get my hands (er, harddrive) on the album?? The link above is expired. I just heard Aimee Allen for the first time today (the song “Calling the Maker”), and I can’t believe “I’d start a revolution” never got released. All the tracks I’ve managed to find on youtube are incredible!

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  6. Ashley Scott aka ‘The Huntress’, Dina Meyer aka ‘Oracle’, Rachel Skarsten aka ‘Dinah Lance’ daughter of Black Canary, “Birds Of Prey” stars who are part DC Comics legacy will have their first ever cast reunion at the “Hollywood Show” on Saturday April 25th, 2015 at Hotel Westin LAX, Los Angeles, California.
    Only one day!! Check more info here:

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