Tracktor Bowling

TracktorB-01ATracktor Bowling is a Russian alternative/nu-metal band from Moscow, formed in 1996. The members are Lusine “Lou” Gevorkyan (vocals), Alexander “Kondrat” Kondratyev (guitar), Andrey “Mult” Ponasutkin (guitar), Vitaliy “Vit” Demidenko (bass) and Alexey “Proff” Nasarchuk (drums).TracktorB-03 The band, apparently, rages about social and political issues, but, I wouldn’t know because I don’t speak Russian and Lou, who is actually Armenian, sings entirely in Russian. Tracktor Bowling is very popular in their homeland, selling out arenas, and influencing dozens of other Russian nu-metal bands. They have released 4 successful albums to date, and their excellent self-titled 4th album is where I first heard them. I was immediately hooked on their heavy sound,TracktorB-04 leading to my exploration of Russia’s rock scene which is dominated, it seems, by alternative/nu-metal. Lou, by the way, also fronts another alt-rock band called Louna.

Tracktor Bowling (2010) opens with the blistering track, “Ничья,” which immediately declares a Russian rock revolution. I don’t know what Lou is actually singing about, but she sounds pretty pissed off. Listen to the second track, “Правда.” Lou spews angry vocals, and punches you in the face through your speakers. Then, she kicks you in the gut, when you’re down, with “Мы,” but relents on “Время,” which is the closest Tracktor Bowling comes to a ballad (as is “Я помню…” later). Then, she continues raging with “Ни шагу Назад,” and the rest, closing with a passionate mid-tempo rocker, “Шрамы.” Listen to this amazing album, and, if you like it, you will like the others.

Watch videos for “Ничья,” “Мы,” “Время” and “Шрамы” here:

TracktorB-02BTracktor Bowling Discography
2002 – Напролом [Album]
2005 – Черта [Album]
2005 – “It’s time to…” [Single]
2006 – Шаги по стеклу [Album]
2007 – Vol.1 (Live) [Album]
2007 – Полгода до весны (Acoustic/Live) [Album]
2008 – “Время” [Single]
2008 – “Поколение Рок” [Single]
2009 – “Ни шагу назад” [Single]
2010 – Tracktor Bowling [Album]

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