LiveOnRel-01ALiveOnRelease was an all-female Canadian hard rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, formed in 2000. The members were Colette Trudeau (vocals), Brittin Karroll (lead guitar), Foxx Herst (bass), and Leah Emmott (drums). LiveOnRelease was Canada’s answer to The Donnas, but, where The Donnas referenced The Runaways and ’80s hard rock, LiveOnReleaseLiveOnRel-02 stuck, mostly, with The Runaways influence. They released two full-length albums, then broke up in 2003. Colette Trudeau and Brittin Karroll (aka Britt Black) have since pursued solo careers.

LiveOnRelease‘s debut, Seeing Red (2002), sounded like teenage girls, which they were, making a rock record, but it had its moments. Their hit single “I’m Afraid of Britney Spears” had the distinction of appearing on the soundtrack to the film Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000) starring Kelso (aka Ashton Kutcher) and Stifler (aka Seann William Scott). It’s a cool song, in a novelty kind of way, but, other tracks are better, like “Get With It,” “Don’t Leave Me Alone” and the Led Zeppelin-esque “All Night Long” (in which these teenagers sing “I can’t give it to you all night long”).

Watch videos from the album here:

Goes on a Fieldtrip (2003) was a bit more mature, and a whole lot better. “Jaded,” whose riff recalls Green Day‘s “Brain Stew” (whose other half is “Jaded”) is a cool track, as are “Paranoid” (not the Black Sabbath tune), “Let’s Go” and, especially, “Do You Want Me.” But, my favorite track is “I Don’t Mind,” whose riff recalls The Scorpions“No One Like You.” In that song, Colette weighs what’s not important to her (house, car, money, etc) against what is (mix tapes, guitars, BMX bikes, skateboards, etc). Yeah, like I said, this album is only a bit more mature.

Watch the video for “Let’s Go” here:

LiveOnRel-03LiveOnRelease Discography
2002.10.01 – Seeing Red [Album]
2002.00.00 – Fifteen Will Get You Twenty [EP]
2003.01.23 – Goes on a Field Trip [Album]

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