Britt Black

BrittBlack-01ABritt Black (born Brittin Karroll) is a Canadian rock musician, from Vancouver, British Columbia. Britt was the lead guitarist for the all-female rock band LiveOnRelease, who released 2 albums (Seeing Red in 2001 and Goes On A Fieldtrip in 2003), then broke up in 2003. Her father is Peter Karroll, founder of Her Royal Majesty’s Records,BrittBlack-02 an independent label that produced LiveOnRelease as well as Canadian rocker Bif Naked among others. After LiveOnRelease broke up, Britt joined Naked on tour as her lead guitarist. In 2005, Britt released her solo debut, Blackout. More recently, she was, briefly, a member of the Canadian pop/rock band Lillix, and is, currently, developing a new band called Stay Beautiful. But, I am unsure of what actually is next for Britt Black.

Blackout, released in the US in 2006, is a pretty awesome album if you like punky bad girl pop/rock, and I do. In fact, I prefer Britt’s solo album over either of LiveOnRelease‘s albums or any of LiveOnRelease singer Colette Trudeau‘s solo work. Black’s voice is nothing special, but, let’s be honest, neither was Trudeau’s. But, Britt’s got her guitar, which she plays like Lita Ford, despite looking more like Joan Jett. The album opens with the hard-rocking riffs of “Baby Come Back,” followed by a cool cover of The Cult‘s “She Sells Sanctuary,” then into the awesome first single,BrittBlack-03 “Jet Black Heart” (or should it be “Jett Blackheart”?) In “Speed of Light,” the second single, Britt directs contempt at her former band mates: “I never wanted this to end / But now I know who were my real friends.” She’s pretty angry in the pop/punkers “Sick & Tired” and “In Your Face,” too. Then, in “Leave a Light On,” Britt assures her family, the ones who really love her, as she tours the world: “Leave a light on for me / I’ll find my way back you’ll see.” But, the best tracks come near the end. First, in “Good Girls,” bad girl Britt doesn’t understand why the boys don’t want to love her: “Those good girls seem to make you wanna stay / And I don’t know.” Then, in “Definitely Maybe,” my favorite track (should’ve been a hit!), Britt gets the boy, but is unsure: “Do I wanna be your baby? / Oh yeah, okay, definitely maybe.” She shouldn’t have played hard to get because in “Girl of Your Dreams,” she loses him: “I give you what you want / But you just couldn’t stay / The girl of your dreams just slipped away.” Poor Britt. Awesome album!

Watch the videos for “Jet Black Heart” and “Speed of Light” here:

BrittBlack-04Britt Black Discography
2006.07.11 – Blackout (originally released in 2005) [Album]

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