CW7-01ACW7 is a female-fronted Brazilian pop/rock band from Curitiba, Paraná, formed in 2007. The band is made up of three brothers Gustavo Wicthoff (Pipo) on guitar, Leonardo Wicthoff (Leo) on bass, Paul Wicthoff (Paulinho) on drums, and their cousin Amanda Wicthoff (Mia) on vocals/piano. The band’s name is taken from the initials of their family name – wait, what?CW7-02 Where does the C come from? And the 7 is for luck, but maybe they should’ve called themselves W4. Anyway, Mia sings in Portuguese, and her band plays heartfelt pop/rock similar to the all-female Brazilian pop/rock band Agnela.

CW7‘s most popular songs are “Será Você” and “Me Acorde Pra Vida.” Both songs were originally on their debut, Nada Mais Importa Agora (2008), then re-recorded for their second album, O Que Eu Quero Pra Mim (2010). The 2008 version of “Será Você” (and an acousic version) and the 2010 version of “Me Acorde Pra Vida” were inluded on their major debut CW7 (2011). “Eu Nao Vou Mais” and the excellent ballad “Perdida Na Vida” were also re-recorded for the 2010 release. Other good tracks on Nada Mais Importa Agora, my favorite, are “Cada um em seu lugar,” and the rockers, “Outra Vez” and “Siga Sua Intuicao.” Five other tracks from O Que Eu Quero Pra Mim were carried over to CW7 including favorites like “Nossa Historia,” “O Que Eu Quero Pra Mim” and “Tudo Que Eu Sinto.” The acoustic ballad “So Penso Em Voce” was the best of the new tracks. So, basically, CW7‘s three albums are actually only two albums worth of songs, but that’s OK because they’re, mostly, good songs.

Watch some of their videos here:

CW7-03CW7-04CW7 Discography
2008 – Nada Mais Importa Agora [Album]
2010 – O Que Eu Quero Pra Mim [Album]
2011 – CW7 [Album]
2013 – “Tenho Pressa” [Single]



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