“Girls, ghouls and guns …”

ChucksE“Girls, ghouls and guns … What else do you need for a good time?” Not much. A few years ago, I watched no-budget zombie movie called Dead Moon Rising (2007),DMR-01 and I was pleasantly surprised – no, astounded! – at how amazingly entertaining it was. Dead Moon Rising was written and directed by Mark E Poole and starred Jason Crowe, Mike Seely, Erica Goldsmith and Tucky Williams. It’s like Kevin Smith‘s Clerks (1994), with zombies. Jim (Crowe) and Nick (Seely), fellow Cheapskate Car Rental clerks, must save Louisville, KY, from a sudden zombie outbreak and, along the way, they are joined by, among others, “barely legal” April (Goldsmith) and Jim’s “certifiable ex-girlfriend” Vix (Williams). The acting is not Oscar-worthy (but, not bad), the cinemaphotography is cam-corder quality (but, it works), and the zombie make-up is simply just heroin chic, but the script is witty and the film, overall, is fast-paced and, ultimately, fun. Dead Moon Rising was obviously made by people, all concerned, with a shared passion for filmmaking, or zombies.

DMR-02ANow, what really sold this movie to me, other than, you know, everything else, was the character of Vix, Jim’s certifiable ex-girlfriend. Vix is a gun-toting, samurai-sword-wielding badass chick and a sex-hungry vixen who craves both men and women! I love when Vix makes her first appearance.DMR-03-Vix She walks through a cloud of smoke, after an explosion (which she caused), unsheathes her sword, and begins slicing and dicing zombie ass! Yeah, it’s low budget but it looks pretty damn cool! Later, barely legal April is forced to kill a zombie with a chainsaw and, horrified by the carnage, she begins to sob, uncontrollably. Teen virgin Albert (Derek Miller) asks Vix: “Can you help her?” Vix grins, walks over to April, and proceeds to make out with her for, like, two minutes! But, Vix delivers her best line near the end when Jim finally faces his aversion to guns and grabs a huge Gatling-type weapon, from his brother’s surplus store,DMR-04-Tucky to fight the zombies. But, first, he shows himself off to his fellow survivors. Nick says, to Jim, in regards to his sudden enthusiasm, “Did you just wet your pants?” Vix, standing next to Nick, grins, eyeing Jim like piece of meat, and says, “I know I just did.” Awesome!

This was my introduction to Tucky Williams.

Williams, who stands 6 feet tall, started college at 15 years old and, when Dead Moon Rising was filmed, was actually working as an on-air meteorologist for the ABC affiliate station in Lexington, KY! Currently, she writes, produces and stars in the award-winning web series Girl/Girl Scene, about lesbians hanging out and hooking up in Lexington. Tucky is, obviously, a proud, and outspoken, lesbian. And, I love her. But, she loves women. And, I’m not 6-foot tall anyway.

Girl/Girl Scene, which I reference often, is not only a good web series but was also a source for my discovery of a lot of cool female artists. I was into Hunter Valentine long before I saw the show but, watching it, I discovered two other amazing bands: Sick of Sarah and Vanity Theft. Both have become favorites, joining Hunter Valentine for my most often played iPod playlists. Those three bands even toured together on the aptly-named Lady Killer Tour in 2011. But, watching Girl/Girl Scene, I also discovered other awesome artists like The Shondes, Jane Jensen, The Cliks, and others.

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