Cheetah Whores

Cheetah-01ACheetah Whores are a mostly all-female American punk/garage band from Rochester, New York, formed in 2006. The members are Lizzy O (vocals), Joey Pitts (drums), Therese O (lap steel), Meg Austin (guitar), Heather Jones (rhythm guitar) and Gary Archer (bass). The band’s original bass player, Shalonda Simpson, was shot and killed in a robbery in 2007. Cheetah Whores combine “70’s punk, 60’s R&B, psychedelic sounds and good old rock and roll,”Cheetah-02 but Therese O’s lap steel gives them a distinctive groove. Their name is derived from a Stooges lyric (“I’m a street-walkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm” from “Search and Destroy”). Cheetah Whores are best known for their surfy theme song to the 2010 Roger Corman-produced Syfy Channel movie Sharktopus (which Lizzy O’s uncle, Declan O’Brien, directed). “Half-shark. Half-octopus. All killer.” Good song. Bad movie.

Cheetah Whore‘s debut album, Bang Bang Baby opens strong with three awesome tracks in a row. First, “Bad Little Girl” is a cool rocker about, well, a bad little girl (“All the boys tried to ring her bell / Not a tramp just born to raise hell”). Next up is “Hot Rod Hell Kitten,” (also featured in Sharktopus), which references another Stooges classic with the line “Do you wanna be my cat?”. They actually re-work the riff to “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” later, in “Bat Cancer.” Finally, of course, there’s “Sharktopus,” which is just unashamed fun: “Sharktopus won’t be kept at bay / And you can never ever ever get away.” Elsewhere, “I Lost Myself,” “Bang Bang Baby” and “Dive Bar Demigods” are cool, too.

Watch the trailer for Sharktopus here:

Oh, poor Eric Roberts! What would Julia do? Cheetah Whores current single, “Whore Amore”, was featured in the 2012 movie Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, also directed by Lizzy O’s uncle, Declan O’Brien. Who asked for 4 sequels to Wrong Turn (2003)? Anyway, the band is currently working on their second album.

Cheetah-03Cheetah Whores Discography
2010.08.01 – “Sharktopus” [Single]
2010.08.01 – “Hot Rod Hell Kitten” [Single]
2010.09.24 – Bang Bang Baby [Album]
2011.01.29 – “Cheetah Whores Live @ Trash Bar” [Single]
2012.07.02 – “Whore Amore (Another Wrong Turn)” [Single]
2013 – Whore Amore [Album]


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