Agnela-01AAgnela is an all-female Brazilian pop/rock band from Rio de Janeiro, formed in 2008. The members are Deia Cassali (vocal), Millah Bass (bass), Nat Vittori (guitar), Betah Soares (guitar) and Loma Longotano (drums).Agnela-02 The band’s music is similar to that of the female-fronted Brazilian band, CW7, with more of a rock influence. But, both bands are fronted by women with angelic voices and pretty faces. Agnela‘s most popular song, to date, is “Podia ser,” the first single from their debut album Podia ser (2009). The song was featured on the long-running Brazilian teen soap opera, Malhação. The second single, “Querendo Falar,” is a mid-tempo alternative rocker with a rap of sorts in the bridge. “Subliminar” is a more upbeat rocker with a brief rap, too. “Eu Preciso” is another popular song, but the pop/punkers “Seu Amigo Beija Bem” and “Sem Voce,” the acoustic ballad “Eu nao sei Dizer,” the alt-rocker “Suas Mentiras” and the piano ballad “Alguem que Sou” are all good. Yeah, the whole album is good, and I would love to hear something else from this band! Are they even still together?

Watch the videos for “Podia ser” and “Querendo Falar” here:

Agnela-04Agnela-03Agnela Discography
2009 – “Podia ser” [Single]
2009 – Podia ser [Album]
2011 – “Querendo Falar” [Single]


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