Die Happy

DieHappy-01ADie Happy is a female-fronted German alternative rock/metal band from Ulm, formed in 1993 by Czech-born Marta Jandová (vocals) and Thorsten Mewes (guitar).DieHappy-02 The lineup is completed by Ralph Rieker (bass) and Jürgen Stiehle (drums). Yes, Jandová is Czech, and her band is from Germany, but she sings entirely in English. Die Happy have released 7 studio albums to date (and then some), and each one is good for some fist-pumping metal, some anthemic alternative rock, and a passionate ballad or two. All are excellent. The band celebrated their 1000th live show in 2012 by releasing a live CD appropriately titled 1000th Show Live. But, let’s make the ultimate Die Happy playlist since their 17-track best of Most Wanted: 1993-2009 isn’t enough.

DieHappy-03Die Happy‘s debut, Supersonic Speed (2001), opens with two excellent melodic metal rockers, “If” and “Go For It,” which are perfect to start the ultimate playlist. But, the best tracks are the alternative rockers “One Million Times” and “5PM” both driven by insanely infectious hooks. Then, let’s add two more cool rockers, “Supersonic Speed” and “Wasted”, and the acoustic ballad “Now or Never.”

Watch the video for “Supersonic Speed” here:

Die Happy‘s second album, Beautiful Morning (2002), isn’t radically different from their debut, but neither are any of their subsequent albums. Alt-rocker “It’s All Over” is the best track, but the three singles (“Goodbye,” “Not That Kind of Girl” and “Cry For More”) are all good. But, let’s also add metal rockers “Paralyzed” and “Leaving You,” and the acoustic ballad “Breathing.”

Watch the video for “Not That Kind of Girl” here:

The Weight Of The Circumstances (2003) is, also, good for the three singles (“Big Boy,” “Slow Day” and, especially, “Everyday’s a Weekend”), but “Good Friend” is the best track. And, “Get Up” is another cool rocker, while “Standing Alone” is an uplifting, almost country-ish, pop/rocker, and “There You Are” recalls Kelly Clarkson.

Watch the video for “Everyday’s a Weekend” here:

Bitter to Better (2005) is my favorite Die Happy album, overall. Vengeful alt-rocker “Don’t Be Scared” is a definite gem: “Don’t be scared / I’m just gonna kill you / Well I’d love to, try to / Damn, I think I’m gonna shoot you / ‘Cause I have to fuck you up.” And, the ballads, “Perfect” and “Inside,” shine nearly just as bright. None were singles. But, “I Am,” another good ballad, was a single. Alt-rockers “If I Could Fly” and “Bitter To Better” are great tracks, while “In Love,” driven by a Rage Against the Machine groove, is pretty awesome. And, “Stranded” is an excellent pop/rocker.

Watch the video for “I Am (Single Version)” here:

No Nuts No Glory (2006) is my second favorite Die Happy album, overall. Excellent tracks like “Attitude,” “Wanna Be Your Girl” and “You Cry” veer into a garage rock sound that kind of saturates this release. But, “Whatever” stands out as one of Die Happy‘s best alt-rock ballads, and “San Francisco” is a pretty good ballad, too, while “Addictive” is another good rocker. And, the riff that drives “Gimme Gimme” is power pop cool.

Watch the video for “Wanna Be Your Girl (Bounce Remix)” here:

Die Happy‘s most recent two albums, VI (2008) and Red Box (2010), are my least favorite of the band’s discography. They’re good, but others are better. However, “Still Love You,” from VI is a great track, as is “Coming Home.” Other good tracks from that release are “Don’t You,” “You’ll Never Know” and “Wannabe.”

Watch the video for “Still Love You” here:

Finally, Red Box, their most recent release, offers “Mesmerized,” “Survivor,” “Stay With Me,” “Anytime” and “Anywhere Without You” to complete this perfect Die Happy playlist of 46 tracks from 7 albums. Enjoy.

DieHappy-04DieHappy-05Die Happy Discography
2000 – “Supersonic Speed” [Single]
2001.02.05 – Supersonic Speed [Album]
2001.12.01 – “Like A Flower” [Single]
2001 – “One Million Times” [Single]
2002.03.04 – “Goodbye” [Single]
2002.04.02 – Beautiful Morning [Album]
2002.06.17 – “Not That Kind Of Girl” [Single]
2002.10.14 – “Cry For More” [Single]
2003 – “Big Boy” [Single]
2003 – “Everyday´s a Weekend” [Single]
2003 – “Slow Day” [Single]
2003.08.11 – The Weight Of The Circumstances [Album]
2005.05.15 – “Big Big Trouble” [Single]
2005.08.29 – Bitter To Better [Album]
2005.10.28 – “I Am” [Single]
2005.11.11 – Four And More (Unplugged) [Album]
2006.10.13 – “Wanna Be Your Girl” [Single]
2006.10.20 – No Nuts No Glory [Album]
2006.11.24 – “The Ordinary Song” [Single]
2008.03.28 – “Peaches” [Single]
2008.04.22 – VI [Album]
2008 – “Still Love You” [Single]
2009.07.21 – Most Wanted: 1993-2009 (Best of) [Album]
2010.09.28 – Red Box [Album]
2012.11.23 – 1000th Show Live (Live) [Album/DVD]

Website: www.diehappy.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DieHappyOfficial
Myspace: www.myspace.com/officialdiehappy

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