Kill Matilda

KillMatilda-01AKill Matilda is a female-fronted Canadian punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, formed in 2007. The members, currently, are Dusty Exner (vocals/guitar), Mykel Exner (bass), Dave Fuckin’ Roberts (lead guitar) and Marcus Luk (drums). Founding member Marlene Lau was replaced by Dave Roberts.KillMatilda-04 Kill Matilda plays loud, angry, yet insanely tuneful, punk rock driven by front woman Dusty’s snarling vocals, and her husband Mykel’s propulsive bass lines. The dude who looks like Bun E Carlos of Cheap Trick is her husband. Dusty is amazingly sexy with those piercings in her lips and nose. I can’t resist punk rock girls with black hair, tattoos and piercings!

Kill Matilda‘s self-titled EP (2007) is cool and all, but, their debut full-length, I Want Revenge (2011), is simply badass, with faster, angrier songs and bigger, better production. Dusty’s voice is much cleaner on this disc, and, that’s a definite plus, because she’s got amazing pipes (for punk, anyway). I Want Revenge opens with an awesome song about a zombie apocalypse called, oddly enough, “Zombie Apocalypse.” She warns: “Get ready! Get Ready! Here comes the apocalypse!” She’s concerned for our safety, it seems, but, in the acerbic “I Want Revenge,” she snarls: “I’ve got a motherfucking vendetta and I’m taking it out on mankind!” But, she focuses her rage in “Geisha With a Switchblade,” the best track on this album.KillMatilda-03B “Geisha” is Dusty’s brutal revenge fantasy aimed at a real-life Canadian serial killer who targeted junkie prostitutes. The Police didn’t give much attention to apprehending him, since he only killed junkie prostitutes, and this pissed off feminist Dusty, as well it should. In the song, a prostitute turns the tables on the killer, torturing him, slowly. She cuts him, deep, with her blade: “Do you think I can fit my whole fist inside? / Nice and warm, and tight, and wet! / Think about my sisters, don’t forget!” That’s gross. “One part, two part, three parts, four / I lay your body parts on the floor,” she sings, then kisses his lips before rigor mortis sets in. Does rigor mortis set in on pieces? Not sure. Amazing song. But, “No Shame,” about a teenage tramp, is another favorite that’s driven by a “yeah, yeah, yeah” chorus. Love that.

KillMatilda-05Sadly, a video wasn’t made for “Geisha With a Switchblade,” or any song from I Want Revenge so, instead, watch a poor quality video of Kill Matilda performing “Geisha With a Switchblade” live here:

And, watch the videos for “She’s a Killer” and “Fault Lines” from the EP here:

KillMatilda-02Kill Matilda Discography
2007.07.24 – Kill Matilda [EP]
2011.10.11 – I Want Revenge [Album]


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