Kitty In A Casket

KittyInACasket-01AKitty In A Casket (KIAC) is a female-fronted psychobilly/horror punk band, from Vienna, Austria, formed in 2008. The members, currently, are Kitty Casket (vocals), Tom Mooner (e-bass/doublebass), Billy the Bat (guitar/backing vocals),KittyInACasket-02 Todd Flash (guitar/backing vocals) and Mike Mean Machine (drums). Austria gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger and little sausages. Ironic? Maybe. But, Austria also gave us actor Christoph Waltz. Austrians speak German, and all Austrians who speak English with thick accents, man or woman, sound, to me, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kitty sings entirely in English, but with only a very slight accent.

KIAC‘s debut, Horror Express (2009), is filled with punk riffs, slappin’ bass, rockabilly beats and plenty of songs about invaders, ghosts, massacres, zombies and vampires. “Bride of the Monster,” which has a video, is a good track, but my favorite is “Blood Lovesong,” a vampire romance: “Hold me tight / Before you take my life / I’ll be like you, you’ll be like me / In the night.” And, “Nekrophilian Love” is cool, too, but that song is about a whole different kind of romance. “Goodbye” from the EP HalloWien, released later that same year, is another favorite.

Watch the video for “Bride of the Monster” here:

KIAC‘s second album, Back To Thrill (2011), toned down the horror and upped the punk, but still, mostly, in a ‘billy kind of way. The horror elements were still there in tracks like “Monster Highschool Party” and my favorite, “You Will Remember,” in which Kitty sings of female empowerment through the murder of an abusive boyfriend: “Will you remember? / It doesn’t matter / When I hunt you down / Put you six feet in the ground.”KittyInACasket-03 But, other tracks like the Social Distortion-ish “Never Wanted” and the single “Don’t Get Me Wrong” had no horror elements at all, and the power poppin’ “Prom Song,” whose intro recalls NRBQ‘s version of “Wild Weekend,” even drops the slappin’ bass and rockabilly beat. Oh, and “Headshot” is straight up pop/punk. But, that’s OK, I like ’em all!

KIAC‘s recently released third album, Bittersweet (2013), is more of the same punkabilly from Back To Thrill, and, that’s fine by me because I dig their ‘billy sounds, punka- or psycho-. “Kreepsville 666” is a favorite because that chunka-chunka rockabilly riff I love so much lies underneath. The Stray Cats-ish “Decline” and “Dancing With the Devil” are cool tracks, too, as is the German language “Die Geister Die Ich Rief” (which translates to something about ghosts). “The Cheesy Song,” which begins with a riff similar to Danzig‘s “Mother,” is pop/punk, straight-up (like “Headshot” on the last album), but, as its title indicates, the band is bit ashamed of this side of themselves this time around. Too bad. Cool song. Finally, “Fading Away,” the last track, is a nice acoustic diversion.

Watch the video for “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” from Back To Thrill, here:

KittyInACasket-04Kitty In A Casket Discography
2009.05.20 – Horror Express [Album]
2009.10.23 – HalloWien [EP]
2011.06.17 – Back To Thrill [Album]
2013.05.10 – Bittersweet [Album]


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