Lesbian Bed Death

LBD-01ALesbian Bed Death (LBD) is a female-fronted UK punk/gothic/hard rock band from Stoke-on-Trent, England, formed in 2004. LDB, currently, is Kittie Racchea (vocals), Mr Peach (rhythm guitar), Chuckmaster C (lead guitar), Will Power (bass) and Danny Stigmata (drums).LBD-02 Kittie replaced original singer Luci4 (who provided vocals on LBD‘s first two albums) in 2010. Their name is taken from an actual term that describes “the decline of sexual relations between a committed lesbian couple.” Committed straight couples call that marriage. LBD cite a lot of influences, including The Misfits, 45 Grave, Sisters Of Mercy, Motley Crue, Billy Idol, The Stooges, The Cult, The 69 Eyes, HIM, Bauhaus, AC/DC, Murderdolls, The Cramps, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Depeche Mode, Ramones, Joy Division, and more. Does LBD sound like any of these bands? Yes, all of them – if you threw them all into a blender. Is that possible? But, mostly, they’re just a hard rock band with a darker, gothic influence.

LBD-04BLBD‘s first album, I Use My Powers for Evil (2006) offered up the cool track “Goth Girls Are Easy” which was originally recorded with a male singer, Johnny Hell. Luci4 sings of a “little goth minx in a little black dress” who “dances to Bauhaus, The Cult and The Cure / With the voice of her Idol yelling more, more, more!” Other good tracks include “What Would Satan Do?”, “I Use My Powers for Evil”, “Vampire Lover” and “Pretty but Mental”. The latter was re-recorded with Kittie Racchea for their latest album.

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Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead (2010) included cool songs like the title track and “Moonlight”. Both were also re-recorded with Kittie Racchea for their new album, but “Bela Lugosi’s Back” and “Catholic Sex Kitten” are my favorites.

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LBD‘s first album with Kittie Racchea as their lead singer, Riot Of The Living Dead (2012), is their best, not necessarily because Kittie’s a better singer than Luci4, but because the band is tighter, and the songs rock harder, with lyrics mostly about all things horror. The re-recorded tracks are all better than the original versions, especially “Pretty But Mental (Version 2)”.LBD-05 The album opens with a one-two melodic horror punch of “Darkness Falls” and “Soul Sucker”. In the latter, Kittie warns the one who sucked her soul and turned her into a zombie: “One day I’ll show you pain / I’ll make you watch while I eat your brains.” Then, the hard rocking “Halloween” hits you up with a cool melodic metal riff: “Like a vampire, like a ghost / I can be the things that you fear the most,” Kittie promises. “Riot Of The Living Dead” tells the tale of a zombie apocalypse and “A Deadly Romance” of vampire love, while “Ghost Face” is an homage to Scream and “Seven Days” to The Ring. But my favorite track of all is the thrashing “Rockabilly Bitch” which is like “Goth Girls Are Easy” for a whole different alternative sub-culture.

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LBD-03Lesbian Bed Death Discography
2006.10.31 – I Use My Powers For Evil [Album]
2010.10.31 – Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead [Album]
2011.04.00 – “Moonlight” [Single]
2012.06.25 – Riot Of The Living Dead [Album]
2012.10.29 – “Halloween” [Single]
2012.10.29 – “Soul Sucker” [Single]
2013.12.09 – The Devil’s Bounty Hunters [Album]

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  2. They’re amazing, I think that Kittie does really well as the lead singer. Does anyone know why Luci4 left the band, she had a really great voice and I’m very curious lol.

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