Cadaveria-01ACadaveria is an extreme metal band from Biella, Italy, formed in 2001 by Cadaveria (vocals) and Flegias aka Marcelo Santos (drums). The band, currently, is completed by Frank Booth (guitar) and Killer Bob aka John (bass).Cadaveria-03B Cadaveria and Flegias were in a symphonic black metal band together called Opera IX, while Cadaveria and John are also in an industrial metal band together called DyNAbyte, and Flegias and John are also in an extreme metal band called Necrodeath. Thus, Cadaveria mixes all kinds of metal like heavy, horror, death, black and gothic! Cadaveria, in Cadaveria, mixes melodic vocals, metal screams and harsher death vocals. I prefer more melody, but I like extreme metal like this now and then. Cadaveria‘s current album, the appropriately-titled Horror Metal (2012), their fourth, is dripping with metallic riffs and dark lyrics in cool songs like “Flowers In Fire”, “Death Vision”, “Assassin” and “Requiem”.

Watch the videos for “Flowers In Fire” and “Death Vision” here:

Cadaveria-02BCadaveria Discography

2002 – The Shadows’ Madame [Album]
2004 – Far Away from Conformity [Album]
2007 – In Your Blood [Album]
2012 – Horror Metal [Album]


DyNAbyte, Cadaveria’s other band with John, is recommended for fans of Rammstein and Marilyn Manson. DyNAbyte was formed in 1998 by LJ Dusk (guitar), John (bass) and Giallo (vocals). Cadaveria replaced Giallo in 2001.

Watch the video for “Wave” from 2KX (2011) here:

Dynabyte-01DyNAbyte Discography

2004 – Extreme Mental Piercing [Album]
2011 – 2KX [Album]


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