Las Furias

LasFurias-01Las Furias is a Spanish punk/garage rock band from Barcelona, Spain, formed in 2007. The band is currently an all-female trio: Barbarella Guitarra Lanzallamas (aka Olatz Alberdi) on vocals/guitar, Onne Wan Bajo Dinamita (aka Onneca Gueblenzu) on vocals/bass, and the newest member Mary Katherine Hogan, an American, on drums.LasFurias-02 Sonic Wave magazine calls these girls “Diosas explosivas del rock’n’roll”, which translates as “explosive Goddesses of rock’n’roll.” Las Furias (translation: The Furies) was formed by Barbarella and Onne Wan after dissolving their previous band, Las Perras del Infierno (translation: The Bitches From Hell), in 2006. Las Perras was inspired by The Cramps, The Ventures and The Stooges, while Las Furias is inspired by those bands as well as The Runaways, The Slits, MC5, The Sonics and The Cynics. Barbarella and Onne Wan were also members of the band Virüs (2003-2010).

LasFurias-03B“Lo suyo es un punk rock garajero, crudo, descarado, inmediato y furioso. Con guitarras surf y rockanroleras,” is what Spanish newspaper El Pais said of Las Furias‘ debut full-length Disco Dinamita (2008). That translates as “[Las Furias’ music] is garage punk rock, raw, shameless, immediate and furious.LasFurias-04 With surf and rock guitars.” The album opens with two ’70s proto-punk garage rockers, “Cóctel de mordernidad” and “Pócima del placer”, then falls back into the late ’60s with “Kaos a domicilio”. “Mandril” is a surf instrumental showcasing their Ventures influence, while “Mírame” is a surf instro with vocals. Wait, what? “A los monstruos del espacio les gusta el rock”, which translates as “The monster from space loves rock” or something like that, is a cool song with a cooler name. But, my favorite track is the Runaways-esque rocker “Habilidad especial”. Speaking of The Runaways, the album closes with a cover, in English, of “I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are”.

Watch the video for “Cóctel de mordernidad” here:

LasFurias-05Las Furias Discography
2008 – Disco Dinamita [Album]


Las Furias is not radically different from Las Perras del Infierno. They’re basically the same band, but Las Perras embraced the Ventures influence a little more. Intuición Canina (2005), their debut and only full-length,LasPerras-02 opens with a rocking surf instrumental “La Playa Desierta”, with second, “Surfin’ Las Vegas”, later on. And, “Cabalgando” is a surf instro with vocals like Las Furias“Mirame”, but this one would have been much cooler as just an istrumental. “Somos Las Perras”, “Barbie” and “Rockstar” are all cool tracks, but “Jugar A Despreciar”, my favorite, is the coolest. The album closes with a cover of Vulpes “Me Gusta ser una Zorra”. Vulpes was the first all-female punk rock band in Spain, and their 1983 song, which translates as “I Like Being a Whore”, was a re-working of The Stooges“I Wanna Be Your Dog”. Las Perras del Infierno re-worked the song as “I Like Being a Bitch”.

Watch the video for “Somos Las Perras” here:

LasPerras-01Las Perras del Infierno Discography
2003 – Somos Las Perras [EP]
2005 – Intuición Canina [Album]


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