Rampant-01RAMPANT is a female-fronted Japanese alternative/metal band from Osaka, formed in 2005. The members are Hiroko (vocals), Atsushi (lead guitar), Tomoya (rhythm guitar), KEI (bass) and KA+U (drums).Rampant-05 RAMPANT‘s hard-rocking melodic sound is similar to another female-fronted Japanese band GUARDIAN HACKER. I discovered both bands on JapanFiles.com, as well as DAZZLE VISION, CANTOY, and others. Hiroko has a strong voice, like Maiko of DAZZLE VISION, and she occasionally screams in a “death voice,” but not enough for RAMPANT to be considered screamo, like Maiko’s band. And, like my initial impression of DAZZLE VISION, I didn’t begin to really appreciate RAMPANT‘s sound until their third release, BLOSSOM (2010).

Rampant-04BBLOSSOM and its follow-up, GREEDY MONSTER WANTS ALL (2011), are mini-albums with 6 songs each, but are, in effect, one pretty awesome full album. “NAKED”, the first single from BLOSSOM, is definitely the standout track on that release, while “WHITE FLOWER” and “melt away” are excellent tracks, too. The title track was the first single on GREEDY MONSTER WANTS ALL, and “NEED YOU” is good, but my favorite track is “LOVE SPELL”. The last track, “SILENCE -piano ver-“, is an awesome re-work of a track from their debut full-length, Choice of Life (2008).

Watch the videos for “NAKED” and “GREEDY MONSTER WANTS ALL” here:

Choice of Life (2008) is an excellent album, too, but it’s a little more raw than the mini-albums, and Hiroko’s vocals aren’t as pristine, although more lyrics are in English. The original version of “SILENCE”, “NUDE” and “PAIN” are all worth listening to.

Watch the video for “SILENCE” here:

Rampant-02Rampant-03RAMPANT Discography
2007 – Chain [Mini-Album]
2008.09.16 – Choice of Life [Album]
2010.10.27 – BLOSSOM [Mini-Album]
2011.11.23 – GREEDY MONSTER WANTS ALL [Mini-Album]

Website: www.rampant.co.jp

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