LulaTrio-01Lula is a female-fronted Spanish pop/punk, power pop band from Castellón, Spain, formed in 2006. The members are Patrizia Escoin (vocals/guitar), Félix Ribes (bass) and Adela Arrufat (drums). Patrizia Escoin was previouslyLulaTrio-05B a founding member of the power pop band Los Romeos (1988-1996). In Los Romeos, Escoin took her inspiration from new wave bands like Blondie and Transvision Vamp; while in Lula, she takes her inspiration, mostly, from artists like the Ramones and Joan Jett. In fact, she even looks like Joan Jett if Jett were in the Ramones instead of The Runaways. Joanie Ramone, maybe? Anyway, Lula‘s guitar-driven rock is punky but not snotty, poppy but not sugary, and has changed very little over four albums (but that’s a good thing). If nothing else, Lula is my favorite female-fronted rock band from Spain. However, in 2010, Escoin also formed another band, Los Amantes, with Tomás “Tommy” Ramos (drums/vocals), Albert “Fritz” Segarra (bass/vocals) and Alberto “Gary” Luzendo (guitar). In 2011, Los Amantes released a 10″ vinyl album, Todo Lo Que Hacemos Es Secreto, which was recorded live in the studio and, as such, Los Amantes is just a bit more punk than Lula. Luckily, for me, Escoin is currently active in both bands. Yeah, I love Patrizia Escoin!

LulaTrio-02Zapatos Nuevos [New Shoes] (2006) introduced Lula‘s basic formula of guitar, bass and drums plus melodies. And, “Henry Miller” introduced their habit of naming songs after notable non-Spanish people. Is that song actually about the innovative American writer and painter? I don’t know.LulaTrio-06-2006 I don’t speak Spanish, but it’s a cool song. The singles “California” and “El Hombre Que” are cool tracks, too. Patrizia looks great in the videos, especially in “El Hombre Que”. She sure loves her Chucks (and mini-skirts)! And I, of course, love rock chicks in Chucks (and, in mini-skirts)! And, I love, at the end of that video, when she holds up the Ramones debut album at the record store, letting us know exactly what kind of music she loves. As if we didn’t know! “Perfecta” and “Guarra” (which translates as “Slut”) are other good tracks, and “Estás Solo” and “Azul Instantaneo” are driven by pleasant melodies, but my favorites are the last two, “Cómo Estás?” and “El Amante”.

Watch the videos for “California” and “El Hombre Que” here:

El Mundo Está Temblando [The World is Trembling] (2007) is an excellent second album. The single “Johnnie Walker” is, obviously,LulaTrio-07-2007 the song named after a notable non-Spanish person. Is that song actually about the Scottish grocer or his popular brand of Scotch whiskey? I don’t know, but it’s a great song. And, again, Patrizia looks awesome in the video. Her hair’s shorter, but she’s still sporting her Chucks! The first track, “Lo Que Hay”, is one of my favorites on this album, and “To Quiero/No To Quiero”, “Crash”, “Fan Fatal”, “Minie” and “Amantes Solitaries” are good, too. But, my other favorites are the ballad “Silvia” and the album closer “El Mundo Está Temblando”. Oh, and I love the cover photo on this album. I thought Patrizia was Care Failure from Die Mannequin when I first saw it.

Watch the video for “Johnnie Walker” here:

LulaTrio-09Lula‘s third album, Sufre como yo [Suffer Like Me] (2010), is my favorite Lula album! They say it mixes “new wave melodies (Blondie, Bangles) with the fierceness of PJ Harvey and Johnny Thunders’ guitars.” But, I say just look at the cover photo for Escoin’s inspiration.LulaTrio-08-2010 She is, obviously, channeling Joan Jett more so than ever on Sufre como yo, and the result is 15 tracks of unashamed, catchy grrrl punk! The excellent single “Del Alguiler” offers another cool video with Patrizia looking adorable, especially in that wedding dress. And, is the Strokes-ish song “Paul Newman” really about the blue-eyed, Oscar-winning actor, entrepreneur, and auto racing enthusiast? I don’t know, but I hear his name in the song. “Dime lo que Piensas” is, arguably, my favorite Lula song of all, on any album, but “Cosas Extranas en la Radio” and “No Hemos Aprendido Nada”, also on this album, are tied for my second favorite. Other good tracks are the cowbell driven “Alta Mar”, the heartfelt ballad “Besos Pequenos”, and the pop/punker “Sin Sosten”. Awesome Lula album!

Watch the video for “Del Alguiler” here:

LulaTrio-13So, after the awesome goodness of Sufre como yo, the only way to go was down, right? Well, kind of. Lula‘s most recent album, Viaje a Marte [Journey to Mars] (2013)LulaTrio-12-2013 is not as good as the previous album, but it’s not a disappointment either. In fact, it’s pretty awesome. Patrizia can do no wrong. The singles (“Hasta Mañana”, “Universos Paralelos” and “L”) are all good, while “Infierno” and “Vivir de Ti” are my favorites of the rest. Patrizia looks awesome in the videos, especially in “L”, and the only thing missing is a song named after a notable non-Spanish person. Maybe next time. Viaje a Marte sounds a little more pop serious, and less punk fun. But, between Sufre como yo and this album, Escoin formed Los Amantes, which was all punk fun, so maybe now it’s time for Lula‘s sound to mature.

Watch the videos for “Hasta Manana” and “L” here:

LulaTrio-03BLulaTrio-04BLula Discography
2006 – Zapatos Nuevos [Album]
2007 – El Mundo Está Temblando [Album]
2010 – Sufre como yo [Album]
2013 – Viaje a Marte [Album]


Los Amantes is currently working on a new album which will be released digitally as opposed to their 10″ vinyl debut, Todo Lo Que Hacemos Es Secreto. Some of the songs are posted on their website.

Watch the video for “Chicos Malos” here:

LulaTrio-10-AmantesLos Amantes Discography
2011 – Todo Lo Que Hacemos Es Secreto [10″ Vinyl]
2012 – Todo Lo Que Hacemos Es Secreto (Digital) [EP]



NOTE: Los Romeos will have their own post at some point.

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