Cirse-01ACirse is a female-fronted alternative rock band from Adrogué, Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 2003. The members, currently, are Luciana Segovia (vocals), Gabriel Leopardi (lead guitar/vocals), Sebastian “Ziva” Leopardi (bass),Cirse-02 Christian “Nek” Bonelli (rhythm guitar) and Martin Magliano (drums). Cirse was chosen by Paramore to open their show at Luna Park in Buenos Aires on February 24, 2011. Cirse would certainly appeal to fans of that influential female-fronted alternative rock band. I seem to be drawn to South American bands that are inspired by Paramore (like Brazil’s Fake Number) and that’s kind of weird becuase I’m not really that big of a fan of Paramore. So, actually, Cirse sounds a little more like Fake Number, except for the fact that Luciana sings in Spanish, not Portuguese.

Cirse-03ACirse‘s debut, Bi-Polar (2009) offered a good balance of emo-ish rockers, like the first single “Muy tarde”, “Cuando despiertes” and “Mentiras”, and power ballads, “Malezas” and “Algo quedara” The latter is also included as a bonus acoustic version..Cirse-06 “Katmandu” is another excellent acoustic ballad, as is the short “Huir”. But, my favorite track is the infectious “Alma de diamante” which I recently learned is actually a cover. The song was originally recorded for a tribute to Luis Alberto Spinetta who, apparently, is an influential South American rock musician, and is even considered to be one of the fathers of Argentine rock. Pardon my ignorance, but he is a dude. Anyway, Bi-Polar is definitely comparable to Fake Number‘s first album, Cinco Faces de um Segredo (2007).

Watch the video for “Muy tarde” here:

Cirse-04Cirse‘s second album, Imaginaro (2010), is even better and is, apparently, the most acclaimed by fans, as well it should be. This album rocks a little more and all the songs are driven by big anthemic choruses. Four singles, with videos, were released (“Invisible”, “Asesina Serial”,Cirse-07 “Juré” and “Ahí Estaré”) and, of those, “Juré” is my favorite. However, I have to believe that the single selection was kind of random because, as good as the singles are, most of the other tracks are as good or better. In fact, the disc opens with four upbeat single-worthy tracks in a row (“Direccion incierta”, “Cerrando puertas”, “Mi percepción” and “Lo que no soy”), then an awesome power ballad (“Un extraño”). “Confesión” is another excellent rocker which begins like the theme to an action movie, and “En las ausencias” is yet another great ballad. I would not be able to choose a single!

Watch the videos for “Invisible” an “Juré” here:

Watch the video for “Apuesta”, their new 2012 single, here:

Cirse-05Cirse Discography
2006.00.00 – Algo quedará [EP]
2007.12.14 – Bi-Polar [Album]
2010.08.00 – Imaginario [Album]
2012.11.04 – “Apuesta” [Single]


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