Girls Got Rhythm!

ChucksEI love all-female tribute bands! Well, actually, I love all-female bands that pay tribute to popular all-male bands. What’s the point of an all-female tribute to The Runaways or The Go-Go’s, right? And, all-male bands that pay tribute to popular all-male bands are pointless, too. All-male tribute bands have nothing to offer except bad imitations of your favorite artists because every one of them, inevitably, tries to sound and look exactly like the band their paying tribute to.GirlsGotRhythm-01 But, no matter how hard they try, all-female tribute bands will never sound or look exactly like the bands they’re paying tribute to because, well, they’re women. And, women are wonderfully different than men, in case you haven’t noticed. Anyway, a few months ago, I stumbled upon a compilation CD titled Girls Got Rhythm! (2006) that showcases thirteen of the best of these all-female tribute bands who honor AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, The Mistfits, Ramones, Cheap Trick and Jimi Hendrix. The only bands not represented on this compilation that would fit right in are Judas Priest and Metallica. Both have at least one all-female tribute band dedicated to them. I tried to pick the best quality videos I could find, but if you really want to hear what some of these ladies can do, follow the links to their websites and listen to their posted recordings, or see them live (if you can).

AC/DC is represented, on the compilation, by three bands. First, ThunderHerStruck (Los Angeles, CA) covers “Thunderstruck”. This band released a studio album of AC/DC covers, You’ve Been ThundHerStruck, in 2006. Lead vocalist Dyna (Shirasaki) is also the lead vocalist of the all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band Hammer of the Broads, and has released two albums of industrial rock as a solo artist, Dyna (2000) and 2DY4 (2012). Next, Hell’s Belles (Seattle, WA) covers “Back In Black”. This band released a studio album of AC/DC covers, We Salute You, in 2005; a live album, Live Wires, in 2006; and is currently working on a second studio album. Guitarist Adrian Conner also started an original band Adrian and the Sickness, and current vocalist Amber Saxon is also the vocalist for the Australian hard rock band BugGiRL. In addition, ex-Betty Blowtorch guitarist Sharon Needles occasionally fills in on rhythm guitar. Finally, Whole Lotta Rosies (Los Angeles, CA) covers “Dog Eat Dog”. This band gets my vote as the sexiest of the all-female AC/DC tribute bands! But, AC/DShe (San Francisco, CA) is yet another cool all-female AC/DC tribute band who is not included on this compilation. Ex-AC/DShe drummer Tina Lucchesi was also the drummer for the surf/trash band The Trashwomen, and the front woman for bubblegum garage punkers The Bobbyteens and power poppers Tina & the Total Babes.

Watch ThundHerStruck performing “Shoot To Thrill” live here:

Watch Hell’s Belles performing “You Shook Me All Night Long” live here:

Watch Whole Lotta Rosies performing “Highway To Hell” live here:

Watch AC/DShe performing “TNT” live here:

Led Zeppelin is represented by Zepparella (San Francisco, CA) covering “The Lemon Song”. This band has released, at least, two live albums, Live At 19 Broadway (2006) and Pleasing Pounding (2007), but other live bootlegs are available. However, a much better all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band, not on this compilation, is Lez Zeppelin (New York, NY). They say: “All girls. All Zeppelin.” This band, fronted by Steph Paynes, has released two studio albums to date. The first, Lez Zeppelin (2005), features six Led Zeppelin covers (one song from each of the first six albums) and two Zeppelin-esque original instrumentals. The second album, Lez Zeppelin I (2010), is an authentic track-by-track replication of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 debut. Lez Zeppelin, I think, is one of the best all-female classic rock tribute bands out there, and their studio versions of “Whole Lotta Love” and “Rock And Roll” are awesome. Two other cool all-female Led Zeppelin tribute bands are Lady Zep (Los Angeles, CA) and, of course, Hammer of the Broads (Los Angeles, CA).

Watch Zepparella performing “Misty Mountain Hop” live here:

Watch Lez Zeppelin performing “Whole Lotta Love” live here:

Watch Lady Zep performing “What Is And What Should Never Be” live here:

KISS is represented, on this compilation, by two bands: Black Diamond (Cincinnati, OH) covering “Love Gun” and Kissexy (Italy) covering “Lick It Up”. Kissexy is the better of the two bands, but Ace Frehley in that band is a dude (or a really manly chick named Sergio), so that kind of disqualifies them. However, a much better all-female KISS tribute band, not on this compilation, is PRISS (Los Angeles, CA). Ex-Betty Blowtorch guitarist Sharon Needles, also occasionally in Hell’s Belles, plays Doll Stanley on vocals/guitar, and ex-Betty Blowtorch drummer Judy Cocuzza (Molish) plays Luda Criss on drums. Andrea Zermeno, also in ThunderHerStruck and Hammer of the Broads, plays Jean Simone on vocals/bass. PRISS even appeared on an episode of the A&E TV reality series Gene Simmons Family Jewels. In episode #104, which aired August 3, 2010, Shannon Tweed attends a PRISS show in Hollywood, and joins the band onstage, in Gene makeup, for “Rock & Roll All Nite”.

Watch PRISS performing “Detroit Rock City” live here:

Watch PRISS and Shannon Tweed perform “Rock & Roll All Nite” here:

Iron Maiden is represented by The Iron Maidens (Los Angeles, CA), the “World’s Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden.” Well, that’s not true, but, they are the most well-known. This band, led by Kirsten Rosenberg as Bruce Chickinson, has released three albums of Iron Maiden covers to date: World’s Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden (2005), Route 666 (2007) and The Root of All Evil (2008). I’m not much of an Iron Maiden fan, but these girls inspire me to give them a listen.

Watch The Iron Maidens performing “Run To The Hills” live here:

Black Sabbath is represented by Misstress of Reality (Los Angeles, CA) covering “Fairies Wear Boots”, and Ozzy Osbourne is represented by The Little Dolls (Beverly Hills, CA) covering “I Don’t know”. And, Black Sabbitch (Los Angeles, CA), who are not on this compilation, are another all-female Black Sabbath tribute band that I mentioned in a previous post. This band features ex-Betty Blowtorch guitarist Blare N. Bitch with singer “Bloody” Mary Powers who performed on American Idol in 2010. They are pretty amazing, and I would love to hear some Sabbath-inspired originals from them.

Watch Mistress of Reality performing “Into The Void” live here:

Watch Black Sabbitch performing “War Pigs” live here:

The Misfits are represented by The Ms. Fits (Diablo Valley, CA) covering “Last Caress”. This band released an album of girl punk Misfits covers, Hate Is Your Mistress, in 2006. The Bitchfits (Los Angeles, CA) are another popular all-female Misfits tribute band. The Ramones are represented, on this compilation, by the The Ramonas (UK) covering “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”. Romanes (Japan) are a cool all-female Ramones tribute band, too, but I talked about them in a previous random musing, with other Ramones tribute artists.

Watch The Ramonas performing “I Wanna Be Sedated” live here:

Finally, on this compilation, Jimi Hendrix is represented by Foxey Lady covering “Foxey Lady”, and Cheap Trick by Cheap Chick covering “Surrender”. Ex-Betty Blowtorch drummer Judy Cocuzza (Molish), who plays Luda Criss in Priss, also plays Bunni Carlos in Cheap Chick. And, that’s a rundown of some of the best all-female classic rock tribute bands. Well, except for…

Judas Priestess (New York, NY) is, obviously, an all-female Judas Priest tribute band. They are fronted by MilitiA who has been called “the true cross between Rob Halford and Tina Turner.” She is also the front woman for the hard rock band +SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE+ and a VJ on FUSE Music Television. Lead guitarist Rena Sands was a founding member of the ’80s all-female thrash band Meanstreak, 2nd guitarist JoSette was a member of the all-female ’80s rockers Hari Kari (who were managed by Eric Carr from KISS), and drummer Hillary Blaze is from the Boston-based all-female hard rock band Jaded. Judas Priestess even has the blessing of Rob Halford himself!

Watch Judas Priestess performing “You Got Another Thing Coming” live here:

Misstallica (Philadelphia, PA) is, obviously, an all-female Metallica tribute band. The members of this band, with a slightly different line-up, are also Queen Diamond, an all-female, mostly, tribute to King Diamond. Misstallica‘s website says: Misstallica offers the Metallica experience but with boobies!!!” Exactly.

Watch Misstallica perform “For Whom The Bell Tolls” live here:

OK, that’s all.

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