Storm Large

StormLarge-01AStorm Large is a pop/rock singer, songwriter, based in Portland, OR. Her website says “musician-actor-playwright-author-awesome.” She was born Susan Storm Large on June 25, 1969, in Southborough, Massachusetts, and her name is even more ironic since she stands 6′ 0″. Storm is best-known for being a contestant on the CBS reality TV series Rock Star: Supernova,StormLarge-03 where she competed against Dilana and 13 others. Storm finished in fifth place, and performed classics like “Surrender” (Cheap Trick), “Just What I Needed” (The Cars), “Pinball Wizard” (The Who), and “We Are the Champions” (Queen), as well as her original song “Ladylike”. Pre-Rock Star, Storm performed, in San Francisco, with her former bands StormSF, Storm and Her Dirty Mouth, and Storm Inc.; and, in Portland, with her band The Balls. Post-Rock Star, Storm, in addition to her solo albums, premiered her autobiographical cabaret show, Crazy Enough, at Portland Center State in 2008, released an album of the songs performed in the one-woman show in 2009, and published a memoir based on that the show in 2012. Storm also toured, in 2011, as a temporary vocalist for the Portland-based jazz/lounge combo Pink Martini. In May 2013, Storm sang Kurt Weill’s “The Seven Deadly Sins” with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

Watch Storm perform “Just What I Needed” on Rock Star: Supernova here:

Storm’s post-Rock Star solo debut, Ladylike Side One (2007), was an EP that included the single “Ladylike”, which featured Rock Star host Dave Navarro on guitar. Storm, large in stature and persona, loves to write about herself. In “Ladylike”, she sings, “She’s big and proud / And she knows what the world is about,” and, as such, wonders about gender preconception,StormLarge-04 “What the fuck is ladylike / If ladies like to do what the fuck they like / just like you.” In “Beautiful”, she sings: “She was over the top and out of control / Big girls were not built to walk the straight and narrow / She is the one wearing the crown / And everybody wants her around.” In “Fat Chick’s Revenge”, she reiterates that satisfaction: “You played the game / Of point and laugh / But look it’s you now / Beggin’ for my auto-auto-autograph.” And, in “You & You & Me”, Storm sings, unashamed, of her sexual appetite: “Well I think I like you and your friend / And, in the morning we’ll pretend we never met.”

Watch Storm perform “Ladylike” on Rock Star: Supernova here:

Storm’s full-length follow-up, Crazy Enough (2009), was the soundtrack, of sorts, to her one-woman cabaret show, which was about Storm growing up with a mentally unstable mother, visting her in mental institutions as a young girl,StormLarge-05B and coming to terms with the fact that she, too, might up like her. But, despite her story, each of the songs, on the album, stands on its own. In fact, both “Under You” and “Where Is My Mind?” originally appeared on Ladylike Side One in slightly different versions. And, yes, “Where Is My Mind?” is a cover of the Pixies song. “Throw Away the Key”, about Storm’s mother’s time in the psych wards (“C-R-azy,” she sings), and “After All”, about accepting her fateful “crazy life,” are favorites, but one song stands tall, like Storm. That song is the bouncy, sing-along “Eight Miles Wide” in which Storm shares: “My vagina is eight miles wide / Absolutely everyone can come inside / If you’re ever frightened just run and hide / My vagina is eight miles wide.” But, “I’m not a whore,” she assures us. “This is a metaphor for my super, vigantastically, mystical, feminine goddess core.” Is “vigantastically” even a word? No, but Storm has a way with them (words, I mean), and her memoir is an entertaining read. Read it!

Or watch the video for “Eight Miles Wide” here:

StormLarge-02BStorm Large Discography
1995 – Big Daddy Large (FlowerSF) [Album]
1998 – Storm and Her Dirty Mouth (Storm and Her Dirty Mouth) [Album]
2000 – The Calm Years (Storm Inc.) [Album]
2003 – Hanging With The Balls (The Balls) [Album]
2005 – Vasectomy (The Balls) [Album]
2007 – Ladylike Side One (Storm Large) [EP]
2009 – Crazy Enough (Storm Large) [Album]


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