Stranglehold-01AStranglehold is a female-fronted street punk band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The members are Lisa (vocals/guitar), Ben (bass), Brod (lead guitar), and Lease (drums).Stranglehold-02 Stranglehold‘s most obvious influences are The Distillers, Rancid and Vice Squad, but they also cite other bands like Cockney Rejects, Stiff Little Fingers, Minor Threat, and Suzi Quatro. Lisa’s gravelly vocals are undeniably similar to those of Brody Dalle (of The Distillers). Dalle, by the way, was born in Melbourne, Australia. Anyway, Stranglehold kicks it out ’70s punk style, even covering the U.K. Subs classic “Stranglehold” on their current self-titled EP (2013). Coincidence?

Stranglehold-03“Stepping Stone”, “Institution” and “Knock Me Down”, also from the current EP, and “Take Control” and the Rancid-ish “Never Hold Me Back”,Stranglehold-04 from their Take Control EP (2010), are favorites, mixing simple punk with political ranting. But, the best track of all is “Tears to Glory”, from the 2010 EP. “From tears to glory I stood by you,” Lisa sings, earnestly, over tender guitar chords, sounding more than ever like Brody Dalle. “From tears to glory I never turned my …” she adds, then snarls, “… back to you!” And, “Fight To Survive” is another cool track that would not be out of place on either of The Distillers‘ first two albums.

Watch the video for “Take Control” here:

Stranglehold-05Stranglehold Discography
2010 – Take Control [EP]
2013 – Stranglehold [EP]

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