Zombie Girl

ZombieGirl-01Zombie Girl is a Canadian electronic/industrial project from Edmonton, Alberta, formed in 2005. The members, originally, were Renee Cooper-Komor (vocals/lyrics) and her then husband Sebastian Komor (synthesizers/production), who is also a member of Norwegian electronic group,ZombieGirl-02A Icon of Coil. Currently, Zombie Girl consists solely of Renee Cooper, who divorced Komor in 2009. I don’t like electronic/techno much, but Zombie Girl‘s debut full-length Blood, Brains & Rock’n’Roll (2007) is awesome zombie-inspired fun. The title track appears on the soundtrack to the remake of Night of the Demons (2009), with Shannon Elizabeth, but, in my head, it plays over the opening credits of the best low-budget ’80s zombie movie that was never made. Zombie Girl is similar to artists like Ft. Lauderdale, FL’s Miss FD and her former persona FrightDoll or Bozeman, MT’s Damsel in the Dollhouse, except with zombies. Renee Cooper, by the way, also has a small role as “Headshot Actress” in the low-budget horror film, Little Big Boy: The Death Stalker Murders (2012).

ZombieGirl-03Blood, Brains & Rock’n’Roll was released in 2007 as a single disc, but then re-released as a Limited Edition with a second disc of B-sides and re-mixes. The title track, obviously, is pretty amazing, but another gem isZombieGirl-04 “Go Zombie”, in which Zombie Girl offer basic advice over a techno dance beat: “Remove the head / Destroy the brain.” That song appears on the soundtrack to the movie 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010). Other similar cool tracks are “Gonna Getcha”, “Living Dead Superstars” and “Jesus Was a Zombie”, while “The Darkness” mixes in a little more rock. “Symphony of the Living Dead” and “Screams From The Cemetery” are horror film scores without horror films, while “Dance of the Deadless Corpse” is a Danny Elfman-esque theme, “Symphony of the Living Dead (Part II)” is John Carpenter-esque, and “Trioxin” is a theme inspired by the zombie classic Return of the Living Dead (1985). Zombie Girl even re-works John Carpenter‘s iconic Halloween theme with a techno beat on her most recent release The Halloween EP (2009). Finally, “I Want It” is my favorite track from Zombie Girl‘s first EP, “Back From the Dead” (2006). What do you think she wants? I’ll give you a hint … brains!

No official videos, so listen to “Blood, Brains & Rock’n’Roll” here:

ZombieGirl-05Zombie Girl Discography
2006 – Back From the Dead (Alfa Matrix/Metropolis) [EP]
2007 – Blood, Brains & Rock’n’Roll (2007) (Alfa Matrix/Metropolis) [Album]
2009 – The Halloween EP [EP]

3 responses to “Zombie Girl

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  2. Renee Cooper sucks. Seb wanted Canadian citizenship and Renee wanted a band. Komor still kills it and Renee is just…shit.

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