Love Stricken Demise

LSD-01ALove Stricken Demise (aka LSD) is a hard rock band from Dallas, TX. The members are Nikki Mckibbin (vocals), Billy Blair (guitar), Holly Wood (bass) and Rico (drums). The band was started, in 2011, by actor/musician Billy Blair (on the right in these pics) and his friend drummer Rico.LSD-02 Blair, as an actor, has appeared in movies like Robert Rodriguez‘s awesome Machete (2010) and SyFy‘s horrible Mongolian Death Worm (2010). Blair and Rico are also, currently, in another band called Junk. Blair enlisted his other friend singer Nikki McKibbin, who is best known for being the 3rd place finalist on the 1st season of American Idol. More on Nikki later. LSD‘s line-up is completed on bass by celebrity hairdresser Holly Wood, who also styles Blair’s hair. LSD, as a band, has released, to date, one 4-song EP, Psychotrip (2012). The band plays a mix of hard rock, sleaze and glam, and the EP is a cool taste of what this band has to offer in the future.

Watch the video for LSD‘s “Celebrity High” here:

LSD-03Love Stricken Demise Discography
2012 – Psychotrip [EP]


OK, Nikki McKibbin. She tore up the stage on American Idol‘s debut season with innocently rocking versions of songs like “Heartbreaker” (Pat Benatar), “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (Bonnie Tyler), “I’m the Only One” (Melissa Etheridge) and “Edge of Seventeen” (Stevie Nicks); but, ultimately,NikkiMcKibben-01 Kelly Clarkson was voted the winner. You can love Clarkson or you can hate her, but you can’t say that she can’t sing. Anyway, post-Idol, McKibbin was signed by a label who wanted her to sing country. She refused, then, in 2005, hit the realty TV show circuit appearing on shows like Fear Factor and Battle of the Network Reality Stars. In 2007, McKibbin, innocence lost, released her hard-rocking debut album, Unleashed, on an indie label. The album is pretty good with a cool cover of “Cry Little Sister” (from the great 1987 vampire movie The Lost Boys) and a so-so cover of “To Be With You” (Mr. Big). In 2008, McKibbin appeared on VH1‘s reality show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for treatment for cocaine and alcohol abuse. Eventually, she sobered up, appearing on the spin-off Sober House in 2009. And, here she is today, sober and rocking hard in Love Stricken Demise. Their song “Celebrity High” is about her experiences with addiction and becoming sober. She also fronts a cover band called Wicked Attraction.

Watch the video for Nikki McKibbin’s “The Lie” from Unleashed here:

Nikki McKibbin Discography
2007 – Unleashed [Album]

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