My Ruin – The Sacred Mood (6/11/13)

MyRuin-01BMy Ruin‘s latest album, The Sacred Mood, was unleashed upon the world on June 11, 2013, and I am blown away by the extreme metal power packed into its brief 30 plus minutes! I was underwhelmed by the band’s previous album, A Southern Revelation (2011),MyRuin-11 but this new one makes up for that last one’s shortcomings, and is, arguably, the best My Ruin album since, well, ever!

My Ruin is back, on their 8th full-length studio album, with a cleaner, tighter, heavier sound, but fueled, as always, by Mick Murphy’s sludgy riffs and Tairrie B’s acerbic screams. I’ve read it elsewhere but I’ll say it, too, since I’ve come to the same conclusion on my own: The Sacred Mood is way better than Black Sabbath‘s new album 13! The album opens strong with “Monolith of Wrath” sounding like Sabbath meets Rage Against the Machine, and, with that, I was sold. But, next, they kick out three of the best tracks that My Ruin has ever recorded: “Moriendo Renascor” (which is Latin for “in death, I am reborn”), “God Is a Girl With a Butcher Knife” and “Heretic Dreams”. But, other good tracks are “Honey of the Human Soul” and “Hour of the Wolf”. The Sacred Mood will, undoubtedly, be one of my favorite albums of 2013.

Watch My Ruin‘s The Sacred Mood album teaser here:

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