Fluffy-01AFluffy was an all-female English punk rock band from London, formed in 1994. The band was Amanda E. Rootes (vocals), Bridget Jones (guitar), Helen Storer (bass), and Angie Adams (drums). Helen Storer replaced original bassist Pandora Ormsby-GoreFluffy-02 who left to become an actress under the name Pandora Colin. Fluffy disbanded in 1998. Post-Fluffy, vocalist Amanda Rootes moved to LA, formed the gothic punk rock band Harlow and competed on the VH1 reality series, Bands on the Run, which aired in 2001. The winners of that excellent competition, Flickerstick, were a pretty cool band, too, but, they were dudes. Anyway, Storer was briefly in Jack Off Jill, then formed a band called Thee Heavenly Music Association (with grunge producer Dave Hillis), while Adams and Jones formed the London-based all-female rock band Darling.

Fluffy-03Fluffy‘s full-length debut, Black Eye, was released in 1996, and preceded by two singles: “Hypersonic” and “Husband”. The band’s punk sound is best compared to The Sex Pistols. Rootes often sings as if she’s a female Johnny Rotten and Fluffy,Fluffy-05 in fact, even opened for the Pistols on their 1996 Filthy Lucre Tour in Japan. “Nothing”, an anthem for apathy, “Too Famous” and “Hypersonic” are good examples of Fluffy‘s classic ’70s punk influence. “I Wanna Be Your Lush” references The Stooges in name only, but “Cosmetic Dog” actually re-works the riff to “I Wanna Be Your Dog”. Always cool. But, Fluffy’s lyrics, sometimes, are firmly rooted in the feminism of the ’90s riot grrrl movement. Rooted. Amanda Rootes. Get it? Anyway, “Husband” and “Black Eye” kick out the female empowerment with attitude. “You will never see me cry,” Amanda snarls in “Black Eye”, then adds, “Gonna leave you, gonna leave / When I get the strength to.” Other good tracks are “Technicolour Yawn”, which tells of a bad hangover (“Woke up in a bed of vomit / My head hurts and I wanna die”), and my favorite “Cheap”, which tells of teenage regret (“I wake up feeling cheap / And beginning to bleed”).

Watch the video for “Black Eye” here:

Fluffy-04Fluffy Discography
1996 – 5 Live (The Enclave) [EP]
1996 – Black Eye (Virgin/The Enclave) [Album]

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