Flip-02FLiP is an all-female Japanese rock band from Naha, Okinawa, formed in 2005. The members are Sachiko (vocals, guitar), Yuko (guitar), Sayaka (bass) and Yuumi (drums).Flip-03 FLiP is recommended if you like similar all-female Japanese bands such as LAZYgunsBRISKY and chatmonchy, or similar female-fronted Japanese bands such as ecosystem and Heavenstamp. FLiP has released four mini-albums (two indie, two major) and two full-length albums to date, with their third full-length, LOVE TOXiCiTY, to be released on June 26, 2013. The band made their U.S. live performance debut in Austin, TX at SXSW 2009.

Flip-01FLiP’s debut indie mini-album, Haha Kara Umareta Hinekure no Uta (母から生まれた捻くれの唄) (2008), included the amazing track “DARTS”. The song begins with a pleasant indie rock sound,Flip-06 then explodes into an infectious chorus, in English, over big power chords, and I fell in love with this band instantly. Haha Kara Umareta Hinekure no Uta and “SiNG” are other good tracks. The second indie mini-album, Kanshou Chuudoku (感傷中毒) (2009), included great tracks like “It’s a lie” and “I really want to show”. The latter kicks out a grungy garage rock vibe. But, the best song here is the last track “Don’t Hate My Eyes”.

Flip-05FliP’s third mini-album, DEAR GIRLS (2010), the first on Sony’s DefSTAR Records imprint, is the best of the four mini-albums, and the first of two released in 2010. “Hey Hey Hey Hey” is another grungy rocker that is also a little Zeppelin-esque.Flip-07 “Kagome Kagome (かごめかごめ)”, “NOW GET A STRAWBERRY” and, especially, “VANZAI VANZAI” are other good tracks. “Laila (ライラ)”, from this release, was included on the debut full-length. “Kanzaa (カザーナ)”, from mulu mole (2010), was also carried over to the debut. However, the best track on the fourth mini-album is the power ballad “Yuki no Shita (雪ノ下)”. That song’s riff reminds me Teenage Fanclub’s “Gene Clark”. The jazz-influenced “Machi Uri no Ienakiko (マッチ売りの家なき子)” is a good track, too.

Watch FLiP perform “Hey Hey Hey Hey” live here:

Flip-12Flip-10FLiP‘s full-length debut, Michi evolution (未知evolution) (2011), was preceded by an excellent single, “Karto Niago (カートニアゴ)”, and included the previously-released tracks, “Laila (ライラ)” and “Kanzaa (カザーナ)”. All good, but my favorite tracks are the rockers “Nagai Kiss (ナガイキス)” and “Kakumei Zenya (革命前夜)” and the ballads “Yureuta (ユレウタ)” and “Butterfly”. Other good tracks are “Ame no Onna (雨の女), “Oh Darling!” and the reggae-ish “Akane (茜)”. The limited CD+DVD edition includes videos for four songs recorded live at Shibuya BOXX on April 7, 2011, but, I can’t find any on YouTube.

So, watch FLiP perform “Karto Nigo”, “Kakumei Zenya” and “Butterfly” live here:

Flip-11BFLiP‘s second full album, XX Emotion (2012), was preceded by two excellent singles, “Hoshii Mono wa (ホシイモノハ)” and “Wonderland (ワンダーランド)”, especially the latter. The album opens with the awesome “CHERRY BOMB”, which is not the classic by The Runaways, and closes with the equally awesome “GHOST BUSTER”, which is not about Bill Murray. And, in between, are other great tracks like “Saigo no Bansan (最後の晩餐)”, “Emimoa (エミモア)”, “Everything is alright” and Walther (ワルサー). The limited CD+DVD edition includes videos for seven FLiP songs, but, I can’t find any on YouTube.

So, watch FLiP perform “Hoshii Mono wa” live here:

Flip-08Flip-09AFLiP‘s latest album, LOVE TOXiCiTY (2013), is another excellent release from these Japanese alternative rockers. The first three tracks are good, but, I wasn’t all in, really, until the fourth. “Raspberry Rhapsody” is one of FLiP’s best songs, and its hook will stick in your head for days! Other cool tracks are “darkish teddy bear”, an acoustic rocker, “Nijuu Okukounen no Hyouryuu (二十億光年の漂流)” and “Coming Out (カミングアウト)”, both hooky pop/rockers, and “a will” and “Eien Yoru ~Enya~ (永遠夜 ~エンヤ~)”, both power ballads. And, joining in on a current trend in rock/pop music, “Dear Miss Mirror” re-works Blur‘s “Song 2”, similar to P!nk‘s “Slut Like You” or, more blatantly, BTR’s “Windows Down”.

Flip-04FLiP Discography
2008.06.25 – Haha Kara Umareta Hinekure no Uta (indies) [Mini-Album]
2009.05.20 – Kanshou Chuudoku (indies) [Mini-Album]
2010.02.03 – DEAR GIRLS [Mini-Album]
2010.09.15 – mulu mole [Mini-Album]
2011.02.23 – “Karto Niago” [Single]
2011.05.25 – Michi evolution [Album]
2011.12.07 – “Hoshii Mono wa” [Single]
2012.02.08 – “Wonderland” [Single]
2012.05.16 – XX emotion [Album]
2013.06.26 – LOVE TOXiCiTY [Album]

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