Bitch Alert

BitchAlert-01Bitch Alert was an alternative/grunge rock band from Tampere, Finland who called it quits, indefinitely, in 2007. The members were Heinie (vocals, guitar), Kimmo (bass) and Maritta (drums).BitchAlert-02 The band formed in 1997 as an all-female trio called Bitch, but Kimmo, a dude, replaced original bassist Maria in 1999, and the name was to Bitch Alert changed in 2000. Bitch Alert‘s “loud, fuzzy, angry rock music” is best compared to Nirvana or Hole, but with a riot grrrl influence as well. Heinie’s raspy snarl is similar to Courtney Love‘s. Bitch Alert released 4 full-length albums: Pay For Orgasm (2001), … rriot! (2002), Kill Your Darlings (2004) and I Can Feel Your Bones (2006). Each successive album, stylistically, isn’t that much different from the previous one, except for slightly better production.

BitchAlert-03“Monday”, “Loveson”, “Kiss Me”, “In The School” and “Psychosis” are good tracks from the debut. But, “Pornstar”, also from the debut, is my favorite, and it’s another one of the best songs Courtney Love never wrote. “Sunsets You Know”, “Heroin”, “Sandy”, “I Love You” and “Geisha Nymfo” are awesome tracks from the second album, while “Selling Hugs”, “Psycho Drama Queen”, “Bikini” and “Late Night Lullaby” are cool tracks from the third. The last album, I Can Feel Your Bones, is my least favorite, but “All Wrong”, “Skeleton” and “Last Check” are good tracks.

Watch the videos for “Monday”, and “Late Night Lullaby” and “Skeletons” here:

BitchAlert-04Bitch Alert Discography
2001 – “Monday/Pornstar” [Single]
2001 – “Loveson” [Single]
2001 – Pay For Orgasm [Album]
2001 – “Sandy” [Single]
2002 – Songs For Your Wedding [EP]
2002 – ..rriot! [Album]
2003 – Sunsets For You [EP]
2004 – “Latenight Lullaby” [Single]
2004 – Kill Your Darlings [Album]
2004 – At the Cinema [EP]
2005 – Video Killed the Radio Star [EP]
2006 – “All Wrong” [Single]
2006 – “Skeleton” [Single]
2006 – I Can Feel Your Bones [Album]
2008 – Pink Bunnies Get Hit by Big Trucks (Best of) [Album]

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