Jinn – For the Seeker (6/6/13)

Jinn-01BJapanese alternative rock band Jinn have returned, at last, with yet another stunning full album, For the Seeker, their third, which was released on June 6, 2013. I paid the exorbitant CD costs at CDJapan, but 60 minutes worth of Jinn‘s amazing rock was well worth my money. Now, when I started this blog, Jinn was my third post and I thought that I was, like, the only person in the US who appreciated this band’s music. But, I was mistaken because my Jinn post is one of the most viewed on my blog.Jinn-For the SeekerA So, if you’re one of those fans, I’m sure you’re loving this awesome new album as much as I am. And, if you’re new to Jinn, well, this album will make you a fan.

The singles that preceded the album were definitely well chosen. “Mugen no Hikari (夢幻の光)” is classic tuneful Jinn, but “RIZING” is something new in that Hiitan sings the song entirely in English, with only a slight accent. Awesome! However, as good as Hiitan sounds in English, her passionate vocals are delivered more earnestly when she sings in Japanese. If you need proof, listen to the heartfelt acoustic ballad “Kimi no inai Sekai (君のいない世界)”, whose title translates as “World Without You”. Hiitan’s vocals, in Japanese, drive the emotion, making you feel her sadness. Of course, the music helps, too. In the end, she sings, in English, “I miss you, all the time,” then adds, after a short break, “Because I love you.” Beautiful! But, obviously, that negates the point I just made about singing in Japanese! Anyway, other favorite tracks are: “Biyakuya (白夜)” [I love how she lets those notes hang at the end], “Sigh (サイ)” [I love the phase-shifting guitar riff in this rocking track, especially in the chorus], “Seijaku no Suisou (静寂の水槽)”, “Seiza Yobigun (星座予備群)” and “ROCK OF LIFE”. But, my favorites change each time I listen. For the Seeker is a phenomenal rock album, by any country’s standards, from the instrumental intro down to the final hidden track. If you’ve never embraced Japanese rock before, try this band.

Watch the video for “RIZING” here:

And, watch this album teaser with off shot video footage here:


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